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Blog Submissions & Schedule

ScrapScene is a daily blog about all things scrapbooking and paper crafting.  There are various subjects that we post on, some more periodically than others.  With the exception of a couple of topics, most are not posted on a particular day.  There are also many of which we regularly receive submissions from readers.  See list below for details. Please email to scrapscene (no space). Please note that ScrapScene editors reserve the right to edit and/or not include your submission(s) on our site.  We will try to send you an email back to confirm that your information will be posted and when. Please see the post sample linked in each header so you can get an idea of how these posts generally look. Note: These post submissions are not meant for advertising, but as information to serve ScrapScene readers.  Any advertising content will be removed. For advertising options, please click here.

For scrapbooking/paper crafting related design team calls, contests, challenges, competitions and events.

When We Post:  posted once a week, on Wednesdays, depending on amount of content received. Deadline to send in your details is the day prior (i.e. Tuesday).

Send Us: Use our Submissions Page.  Please provide up to 200 words maximum, brief details, name of contests/event, deadline date, a link for readers to find more information, plain text, no HTML code please, no photos or logos (this is not an ad).

Tips:  Make sure you include enough lead time as we don’t put these up every day. Please check your grammar and use the spell checker before submitting. And, sorry but this is a pet peeve: please try not to use all word caps (no one likes to be yelled at) plus please limit yourself to one exclamation point at the end of a sentence. :) Please include your URL so that people can find your site easily and we don't have to guess (there are duplicate company names out there!)  If there is a deadline for your contest, don't forget to include this. If 200 words is not enough room to state your contest, please provide a link on your site where full details can be found. If changes are required after the post is up, please send us the ScrapScene page link of where the change is to be made. We do not post the same contest/call/event more than once, so please only send it in once. Please abide by 200 word max or we will not post your content & send it back for you to edit down. No advertising is allowed in these posts.

New Scrapbook Designers
For New Design Team Announcements, Guest Designer Announcements, and Featured Artists.

When We Post: Depending on amount of content received, these go up once in awhile.  The early part of the year seems to be the season when we see more of these type of announcements, so during those time periods you may see these posts more often.

Send Us: Company link, names of new designer(s), design period (e.g. March '10 Guest Designer, or 2010 DT, etc.), blog links to the designers, if you have them.

Tips:  Including the designer blog links is very helpful for us.  Time permitting, we will look them up, but sometimes these posts will be published without the links.  If someone has a link to be added after the post is published, they can either email us or put a comment in the post and we will edit the original to include the link.

Speedlink Saturdays
For a hodge podge of miscellaneous links that we have been inspired by throughout the week. These are mostly things that we find in our own browsing, however we do accept suggestions from readers.  We will have a look and see if it suits our taste as well. 🙂  If so, we will credit you & link to your blog for the find.

When We Post: Bright and early each Saturday morning, so readers can enjoy their morning coffee while browsing the links.

Send Us: inspired link, tell us what inspires you about what you found, your name and blog link.

Tips:  Types of things we will include in these type of posts are: interesting project ideas, celeb baby/wedding congrats, free printable links, other news items, etc.

Guest Posts
For articles, project ideas and tutorials written by Guest Posters.  

We welcome you to contribute your writing ability in exchange for links or promotions to your site or product within the post.

If you are looking to get a front page link here on ScrapScene or would like to share a topic or idea with our readers, you might consider guest posting on ScrapScene. All topics and posts would be subject to our approval and editing if necessary. We would consider either a single post or ongoing posts if you so desire. Minimum 200 words per post. Photos must be clear. In exchange you would receive credit for the post and a link to any scrapbooking related site of your choice (it doesn't have to be your own blog). We welcome all of our readers to this opportunity – even if you don't have anything to advertise. Ideas that are popular with our readers right now are: studio tours, storage ideas for supplies, plus tutorials for scrapbooking and paper craft projects and techniques. Content must be original and not posted elsewhere.

Inspired By
When we come across talent that we'd like to share with you, we will post about the person with a link to their blog and a few photos of their work.
Note: we mostly post talent that we have come across on our own, but you are welcome to recommend someone.

When We Post: As we come across the talent.

Send Us: If you have someone to recommend, please send us an email with their link and what it is about their style that sets them apart from the pack.

Tips:  The person's work must be outstanding and different from everyone else.

Scrapbooking Class Peeks
For revealing upcoming scrapbooking classes with photo peeks on the projects to be completed.

When We Post: Depending on amount of content received, these usually go up a couple of times per month.  However, there is no guarantee that your class will be posted before it begins, so please allow lots of time.

Send Us: Instructor's blog link, store link (or where the class will take place), date of class, is it online or in person?, cost of class, short description of class, 1 photo peek (which, space permitting, may or may not be included in the post).

Tips:  This is not meant as an advertisement, so please do not include any blatant advertising or it will be removed.  To advertise your class, a press release is recommended. See our Advertising Page for details.

New Scrapbooking Products
For revealing peeks on new scrapbooking products.  This category is more active during the CHA and Memory Trend shows. Note: there is no guarantee that we will post your new product, however you are welcome to check out our advertising page for press releases and other options.

When We Post: Depending on amount of content found and received via email.  Prior to the trade shows, the posts could be daily.  Off-season, sporadically.

Send Us: Photo of peek, link to manufacturer's site, and when product will be released.

Tips:  Reminder – this is not an advertisement and content is at our descretion.

For showing interesting project ideas relating to scrapbooking or paper crafting.

When We Post: Depending on what we come across and when.

Send Us: You are welcome to send in a photo of your project.  If we decide to post it, we will let you know.  The post will include a photo and link to your blog.

Tips:  Project must be of good quality workmanship and design.

Scrapbooking Provision Resources
For providing links to sources for unusual and unique (one-of-a-kind) scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies.

When We Post: Depending on what we come across.  A 'once-in-awhile' post or it will sometimes be included in a Speedlink Saturday post.

Send Us: Your suggestions are welcome.  Please send in store link, short description of what they carry, and a photo of an item found in the store.

Tips:  Reminder – this is not an advertisement!

Scrapbooking Rooms & Studios
For providing links to and photos to the spaces we create in.  Studios, rooms, or the kitchen table!  Ideas for organizing and storing your supplies and materials.

When We Post: Depending on content, these posts usually go up once per week or so.

Send Us: Your photos are welcome.  Please send us a short description of where you do your creating, a couple of photos and a link to your site.

Tips:  A little information about your space makes it all the more interesting to the reader.

New Scrapbooking & Paper Crafting Kits
This is an advertisement that is posted each Friday, depending on content received.  For details on this post, please click here.

Inside Scrapbooking Stores
A feature to celebrate the brick and mortar LSS (local scrapbook store).  In these tough economic times, we would like to use this post to give a shout-out to our beloved LSS'!  The posts may include photos of the storefront, the owners, and of the inside of the store.  The store's address/location, URL, is also included as well as a description of how it started, what type of materials they sell, and if there have been any celebrity sightings there.

When We Post: Depending on what we come across.  A 'once-in-awhile' post.

Send Us: Store name, address, URL, owner(s) name(s), photos of the outside of the store, the inside, product displays, crop area, etc.

Tips:  We are particularly interested in photos displaying how materials are displayed.  Are there any ideas that we scrapbookers can try at home?

Celebrity Sightings
For scrapbook celebrity sightings, news, etc.  We will include photos, links, and information such as making the cover of a magazine, who is doing a book signing, pics from a celebrity-taught class, who is featured/interviewed on another site, etc.

When We Post: Depending on what we come across.  A 'once-in-awhile' post.  Sometimes this information will be included in a Speedlink Saturday post.

Send Us: Name of celeb, blog link, where they were spotted, any photos?, your name and blog link for credit for the find.

Tips:  Of course, there will be no malicious gossip posted.

Tutorial Link-Ups
For linking up to a scrapbooking or paper crafting-related tutorial elsewhere on the web. (Note, we also accept full tutorials as a Guest Post if you are so inclined.)  We will include a photo, link, and a few details about what the tutorial is to create.

When We Post: Depending on content, this type of post is usually published once per week.

Send Us: Tutorial title, a short description, blog link, name of artist/designer and one photo, your name and blog link for credit for the find.

Tips:  A great photo helps to 'sell' the link!

Updated Jan 2012

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