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Working with Molding Paste / Modelling Paste and Gesso

Mixed media is so exciting, don't you think?  Many scrapbookers are crafters first and foremost and so their interests are varied and dip into many realms of anything creative. There are so many fun materials to try and experiment with. In particular, there has been a resurgence of interest in texture pastes with the popularity of mixed media.  Those who have used artist's supplies before know that Moulding Paste / Modeling Pastes and Gesso (above canvas project) have been around for a long time.  Mixed media has brought other applications to light as well, even in scrapbooking.

Modeling paste is one of my go-to materials.  Mostly for backgrounds, but also for mixing directly with paint to create a textured painting. (See one portrait below. Do you see the peaks and valleys?) So, I just thought I'd share a bit of info. from my past experiences as a mural painter.  I used to use these materials to create texture in murals, wall finishes and canvases.

Modelling Paste / Moulding Paste is ready to go, right from the jar, but you can also tint it with acrylic paints or inks. Try applying it as a background before you begin a piece.  Let it dry and then what you paint on top of it will show the texture right through. When you mix it with paint, you can paint with it and the texture is interwoven amongst the paint.  You can also use it as part of your layers.  Add it mid-way through your piece, or even apply bits at the end.  A small trowel or even an old gift card or piece of thick cardboard works just fine for applying the paste.

 You can find the paste made by several different manufacturers including Liquitex,  Golden and other lesser-known manufacturers.  It is pre-mixed, quick-drying and ready-to-go right from the jar. Read more about texture pastes in this post from ScrapScene (from 2009!).

Another option is to use gesso.  Read a tutorial I made (back in 2008!) on ScrapScene showing how to make your own gesso embellishments.

Gesso is really a primer (paint and glue mixed together) that is used to seal canvases and other surfaces to prevent paint from soaking through.  It has other applications as well, as you can see from the embellishment in the above photo.  Try using it in a piping bag to draw with.  Make designs or borders on your piece, let them dry and then paint on top.

Above 2 pieces were done in the mid-90's on canvas for wall hangings.

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