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Project Life Tools

This is basically all I need for tools for Project Life: some cards, photos, a corner rounder (because I like rounded corners!), adhesive, a pen, clear sleeves, date stamp and again, because I love it: washi tape and label stickers, .  For me, these are the basics.  My stash actually contains a little more than that and it's simply because I love all the little things and want to use them.  Not because they are all a necessity. 🙂 (Oh yes, and my stamps and a  little paint too!)

When I went through my scrapbooking supplies to pull out things to use for Project Life, I was careful to simplify and just pull out my favourites and the necessities.  I'm sure my little Project Life organization tray will grow with time, but for now this is a start.

What are your favourite go-to supplies for scrapbooking?  Are you simplifying for Project Life?

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  1. January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    I’m trying to find a way to use up some of my scraps and random embellishments for PL. I’m limiting stamps and punches for this project though and not using 3D items or the popup dots that I love

  2. January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    Great idea to use scraps and such. I too am trying to go a little simpler and not use so much in the way of 3D embellies…

  3. January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    I’m also using scraps of papers I love and small alphabet stickers. I love that you are using the corner rounder-I’ll have to add that to my supplies! I have a medium sized plastic tote, but I’d love to downsize to something more portable, maybe a shoe box size, so this is great inspiration!

  4. January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    Annie – I like the idea of making something portable – that’s a good idea… hmmm… 😉
    Yes, I am in love with anything corner rounded!

  5. maureen
    January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    I love your simplicity for this project! I have decided to do a year of project life using nothing but scraps. When I create anything – cards, scrapbook pages, etc… after I am done with said project, I immediately cut up any left over scraps into 4×6 and 3×4 pieces. I tuck these away in a binder, grouped together so I have a full weeks worth of matching pieces. Then when I go to put together a week of Project life, I pull out the binder, pick a set of pieces made from scraps and put together that week. It’s like having a brand new mini kit each week!

  6. January 3rd, 2013Posted | Permalink

    Maureen – It makes it so much more doable, the simpler the tools you have. Otherwise, I find it all too overwhelming and it just doesn’t get done. I love your idea of using scraps and also how you cut them up immediately into the required sizes. Saves a lot of time later on!

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