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New Classes from Masterful Scrapbook Design

Learn to apply proven design techniques to your scrapbook pages by watching successful designers break down their process. This month at Masterful Scrapbook Design see how 24 top designers approach the blank canvas and then choose, combine, and place elements to make pages that look great and that tell their stories well.

Scrapbook with a skilled eye, a confident hand, and an inspired mind.


This is a peek at 8 of the 72 layouts we talk about in the August "Smorgasbord" issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design. You get video, audio, and pdf "slides" with layouts and designer notes from each of the 8 interviews. Layouts shown by Vivian Masket, Betsy Sammarco, Lisa Dickinson, Amber Ries, Doris Sander, Michelle Clement, Francine Clouden, and Dina Wakley.


The August Smorgasbord issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design is 8+ hours of conversations with 24 of the top paper and digital scrapbook page designers in the industry today.


You get these conversations in audio (mp3) and video (mp4) formats that can travel with you on your smart phones, tablets, iphones, ipads, and mp3 players. Listen while you drive, do chores, scrapbook, wait, and even relax at the beach. You'll also get a pdf with 72 layouts and designer notes. The cost of this issue is $12.50 — but only during August when you get it as a part of the series. On September 1st, the cost for this bundle of 8 hour-long interviews with 24 designers will be $36. Click here to get this issue today.


Eight focused interviews cover:


Composition with Karen Grunberg, Francine Clouden, and May Flaum.


Making scrapbook pages you love begins with their composition. Francine Clouden, May Flaum, and Karen Grunberg tell you about compositional approaches they turn to again and again and talk about their process for adding photos, embellishments, titles and journaling to scrapbook pages.


Clean and Simple Pages that Wow with Vivian Masket, Erin Clayton, and Celeste Smith.


Three self-professed “clean and simple” scrapbookers talk about what “clean and simple” means to them and why they take this approach. Erin Clayton, Vivian Masket and Celeste Smith show you how purposeful embellishment, a focus on photos and story, and attention to detail yields eye-catching pages. Find out, also, how they keep their “simple” looks fresh and interesting.


Pages with Lots on Them with Emily Pitts, Michelle Clement, and Lynnette Penacho.


Got product? Just how do you get a nice helping of it onto your scrapbook page and make it “work?” Digital scrapbooker Lynnette Penacho and paper scrapbookers Michelle Clement and Emily Pitts show you how to “pile it on” — scrapbooking product, that is. They talk about why they’re drawn to making pages with lots on them and the techniques you can use for full pages that look great.


Finding and Evolving Your Style with Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, and Dina Wakley.


Doris Sander, Dina Wakley, and Kayleigh Wiles are three designers whose approaches to the page are influencing the products and compositions of many scrapbookers today. They describe their current styles and talk about how they got to them — but what’s really awesome is their advice for how you can find and evolve your own personal scrapbooking style.


Favorite Techniques for Paper Pages with Lisa Dickinson, Wilna Furstenberg, and Cindy Liebel.


Lisa Dickinson, Cindy Liebel, and Wilna Furstenberg each design for manufacturers of the most current scrapbooking tools and products, and they show you their favorite tools and techniques right now. What’s more, they show you how practice and play with these elements yields new and pleasing page designs.


Using Paper-like Techniques and Inspiration on Digital Pages with Melanie Grimes, Amy Mallory, and Amber Ries.


Digital scrapbooking software and products offer the opportunity for wide-ranging scrapbook page looks. In this conversation, Melanie Grimes, Amy Mallory, and Amber Ries focus specifically on the techniques and tools they use when they want to make digital pages that look like paper.


Hybrid Scrapbooking with Paula Gilarde, Aly Dosdall, and Betsy Sammarco.


It’s not just easier to use your computer to make elements for your paper scrapbook pages today — it’s more and more enticing as the technology and the products evolve. Aly Dosdall, Paula Gilarde, and Betsy Sammarco show you their pages, favorite products, and techniques for making paper pages with elements they make on their computers. Find out how this approach will save you money and time as well as get you personal and original looks on your pages.


Pages that Reflect the “Times” with Noell Hyman, Sharyn Tormanen, and Doris Sander


Current trends impact all of us. The times we are living in right now—from global politics and trade, to technology and styles—are especially remarkable. Scrapbook pages that weave in such references have a richness that endures and triggers long-forgotten memories decades later. Noell Hyman, Sharyn Tormanen, and Doris Sander talk about the aspects of “these times” they like getting on their pages as well as their approaches for doing this.


Click here to "get masterful" with 8 hours of focused interviews on scrapbook page design for $12.50. (Don't wait until September when the price will be $36!)


P.S. If you're not happy, we'll refund your money with no questions asked. Promise!

For the August Smorgasbord issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design, we invited designers working with products and tools from top paper and digital scrapbook companies today to tell us just how they make pages. July members of Masterful Scrapook Design attended via live webinar, and you'll love hearing the questions they asked these teachers and the answers they received. Click here to join us and hear it all starting today.

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