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Patterned Paper Ideas

There are many uses for patterned paper besides scrapbooking. If you can bear to cut into the pretty paper in your collection, here are a few ideas to motivate you to use your stash rather than simply collect it.


Select some of the more beautiful patterned paper from your collection and use it to wallpaper inside a closet, or on a door or even along a small wall.  You may be surprised with the pleasing patchwork effect you will get from doing this.  Unless you are looking for a mismatched look, select papers that coordinate or have something in common between each other. For example a common colour or common design element.  Leave them in their full 12" x 12" square size and glue them down side by side.  Alternatively, you can overlap them one to another for a different type of design. To make it more durable, you can use an acrylic sealer from the paint store. See our previous posts here and here for a couple of samples.

Drawer / Shelf Liner

Use pretty patterned paper to line a drawer of a cupboard or dresser.  You could even use patterned paper to line open shelf cupboards in a kitchen.  You really don't need to tack them down too much.  A simple swipe from a double sided tape dispenser should keep them in place until you tire of the pattern.  Then it may be time to change them to another pattern.


Furniture such as dressers or bureaus can be given a nice little makeover by applying patterned paper at random all over it.  Or, you can simply adhere the papers to inset areas like, the doors. See one linked up in this post.

Doll House

Small or miniature prints of patterned paper work perfectly as doll house wallpaper.  Photo above shows scrapbooking patterned paper used as wallpaper in a doll house display I made for my MIL last year. See more photos here. Simply measure and cut to size and glue it down.  Patterned scrapbook papers are inexpensive and just as easy to use as wallpaper purchased from miniature suppliers. Plus there is a larger variety of patterns, designs and colours available than there are in traditional doll house wallpapers.

Greeting Cards

Softly printed patterned paper is perfect for cutting up as bases for handmade greeting cards.  You don't have to confine greeting cards to be made from solid cardstock alone. Printed papers are a nice change from the normal pace. Make a stash of card bases to have on hand. Cut the paper to standard sizes to fit into envelopes that you can easily access. Fold them in half using a bone folder and store them at the ready for when the urge strikes you to create a handmade card.

Altered Items

Patterned papers can be used to alter lots of different things.  For example, these tin cans were altered by Karin in a tutorial she guest posted for us here. Also, take a look at this post about altered matchboxes. Make something ugly into something pretty!

These are just some of the things that you can do with patterned paper besides scrapbooking.  Scrapbooking patterned paper has a variety of uses as you can see. So even if you have scraps, don't throw them out, they can be used to create something nice!

If you have an idea to share showing a unique use of patterned paper, send us an email at scrapscene (no space).

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