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Study embellishing with Jenni Bowlin, Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, and Tania Willis all during November for $10

Study embellishing with Jenni Bowlin, Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, and Tania Willis all during November for $10


The November issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design is all about embellishing

What is Masterful Scrapbook Design (MSD)?

MSD member Gayl Staffler wrote on her blog: I have continued my membership with Debbie Hodge's Masterful Scrapbook Design. At some point I referred to this as a class, but I'm wrong. Debbie calls it a seminar. I'm calling it the best online publication you can purchase.

Every month is an in-depth study of one aspect of scrapbook design

It costs $10 for 30 days of membership (or you can buy monthly archives for $14/each). Debbie and guest designers share lessons, layouts, and live webinars that reveal their favorite approaches and techniques for the focus topic.

Who do we study with?

The designers teaching change every month – in November the lineup is Jenni Bowlin, Debbie Hodge, Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, and Tania Willis.

But what does “in-depth” study mean? And may I have a look?

Take a whole bunch of peeks at the October issue when we studied “Layering.”

– We kicked the month off with a 25+ page “survey” lesson that laid out LOTS of basic knowledge we would all start from in our studies. TAKE A PEEK INSIDE THE SEMINAR

– The teachers/designers each wrote illustrated tutorials about different aspects of layering. Lisa Dickinson shared her favorite ways to combine patterned papers. Debbie showed her favorite “foundation” layer starters. Amber Ries showed a step- by-step how-to give a layout “wow” factor with finishing layers, and Dina Wakley posted a video tutorial on multi-media layering. TAKE A PEEK AT ONE OF THE ARTICLES

– The teachers/designers filled up 3 gallery albums with 100+ layouts. What’s more, every single layout was annotated with designers explaining choices, approaches and the resulting impact on design. TAKE A PEEK AT ONE OF THE ALBUMS

– We spent over 3 hours in live webinars talking about layering with each designer – really digging into their work and getting great ideas for refining our layering. TAKE A PEEK AT AN EXCERPT FROM THE WEBINAR WITH LISA DICKINSON by clicking on the video below.

How do I access the materials?

All of this material is available for members to view and store in SEVERAL ways.

– Seminar: 25+ page document to download and view with your computer or portable pdf reader and/or print. An audio version of the seminar is available to listen to in your browser or to download and play on your mp3 player or iphone – or even burn to disk.

– Articles: Read in blog format and/or download document to view on-screen or to print.

– Layout Gallery: The annotated layouts can be viewed in an online gallery AND they are available in pdf format.

– Webinars: Attend live (and ask questions) or view later in your browser. Prefer the audio format – download an mp3 for listening to in your car or while you do chores or scrapbook. If you like reading and seeing things on the page, illustrated transcripts are provided, too!

What if I don’t like it or what if I get confused about how the subscription works?

You may always have a refund, no questions asked. Even if you’re just confused or worried, an email will get a quick response from Debbie Hodge, who owns Masterful Scrapbook Design and “womans” the inbox. Here’s what two members said of the experience just last week:

“Debbie, Thank you so much for all your efforts to make this a great learning and creative experience. What I have always valued so much in your classes and website is your sincerity in wanting to help us learn what will make us better scrappers and enjoy doing it.” – Marcia Deignan

"Dear Debbie, I absolutely love your site. I have purchased your Building Pages Class, read everything free I could find here, and participated in the Colors and Layouts Seminars. I love your style and explanations of why. You guys are doing a bang up job of customer service and this is a really great business model. Thanks." –Mary Nelson

Do I need to register on the 1st of the month? Can I still register for the October seminar?

From the day you register/subscribe you get access to CURRENT materials for 30 days. Current depends upon the calendar month. If you’re a member on the last day of a month, you get that month’s materials into your archive forever, and the on the 1st of the month you start seeing that new months materials in the “current” bin.

So, here’s an example: if you joined on October 30th, you’d be seeing the October materials as your current materials for two days (the 30th and the 31st). On the 31st, the October materials will be moved to your archives permanently and you can always refer to them there. On November 1st, a new November category will show up and that becomes the “current materials.” We add to it every few days throughout the month. If you decide to maintain your subscription, you’ll pay another $10 on Nov 29th .(because that’s the end of your 30 days). Note – to get the archive for the month you’ll need to be a member on the 30th. So . . . don’t care about October? Then wait until November 2nd to join. Want to grab the October archives and get started with November, join in October.

You may always buy the archives for $14 – but a $10 membership is cheaper.

If you’re ready to get your hands on entire October Layering issue today and then get started with the November Details issue on November 1st. . .

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