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Make Your Own Decorative Rubber Stamps

There are so many gorgeous decorative rubber stamps out on the market today.  You can pretty much find a creative use for any one you find!  Maybe, though, there is something you've had in mind for awhile that you haven't yet been able to find for sale.  If that is the case, then maybe you will want to try making your own decorative rubber stamps.  I tried doing this a few years ago and was very happy with the outcome.  The designs I had made up were some drawings plus a series of different journaling blocks.  I did them up in the computer using basic squares, ovals, circles and lines.  To this day, I still get a lot of use out of my own designed decorative rubber stamps, especially the journaling ones.

Making your own decorative rubber stamps isn't as difficult as you may think.  Many office supply shops provide a rubber stamp making service either in house or else they have access to having it done out of house.  You can easily get stamps made out of polymer / acrylic or out of red rubber if you so choose.  Red rubber stamps will usually be made one at a time and will have a wooden or plastic base with handle attached.  Think of the office stamps that you've seen.  They either will charge you per line or by the overall dimension of the stamp. You can also get the clear polymer or acrylic stamps made up.  From my experience, I've found that they are usually sold by the sheet, up to a particular size, so you can fit lots of different designs in that space and then cut them out afterwards.

All you will need to do to get your own stamps made is to prepare a design and bring it in.  There are lots of sources for design inspiration available.  Some designs are copyright free.  Check out the clip art books made by Dover. They have so many beautiful designs available that can be reproduced with no repercussions.  

Designs you may like to use as decorative rubber stamps may include some of the following: antique jar labels, scrolls, text, quotes, frames, signage, old maps, etc.

If you get really courageous or you have some drawing talent, try making up some designs of your own.  First, do up a rough sketch in pencil.  Then if you are happy with the design, go over top of it carefully with a fine point black marker.  I did this method to make the tree stamp and the baby shown here. Make sure you end up with a clean design that is free from any imperfections and then you are set to go.  You can also do up your design on the computer like I did for my journaling stamps.  (Of the photos shown here, some are stamped onto fabric using Staz-On).

Bring your designs to the office supply store and find out about the different sized rubber stamp options that are available.  Some places will charge for a whole sheet of decorative rubber stamps so you may want to bring along some extra designs that you can slip into the space.  If needed, you can also easily reduce some of the designs on a copier to squeeze them into the space.

When the clear decorative rubber stamps come back from being made, you will see that they will be presented to you as one sheet of stamps.  You can simply take a pair of scissors and cut them out.  To use these clear stamps, you will need to have a hard clear acrylic block.  These are available from craft and scrapbooking supply stores, if you don't already have a couple kicking around.  The clear acrylic decorative rubber stamp will have a cling backing on it that will easily attach to the clear acrylic block.  

Another method of making your own decorative stamps involves buying the tools necessary to create them yourself.  There are kits available to do this, but some are a little pricey.

Once you get your stamps and cut them out, you can begin using your stamp as you would any other stamp you have in your collection.  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you created this stamp yourself and nobody else has one exactly like it!

Have you made your own decorative rubber stamps? Do you have experiences to share? If so, share a link to a photo of them.  I'd love to see!

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  1. March 8th, 2010Posted | Permalink

    thanks for sharing that. 🙂

  2. March 8th, 2010Posted | Permalink

    I wish you'd shared what the pricing was for you to get these made… I know it would be different in different places but I'd love a general idea.  I didn't know that office supply stores would make clear stamps, I only knew about the pink rubber ones.  Did you get it done at a specialty place, or like Office Max or Office Depot?

  3. March 8th, 2010Posted | Permalink

    Cameron – I paid somewhere around $20-25 per sheet.  I had it done locally at an office supply store that is not a franchise.  You can also get it done online though.  Here is one place you can check out, although I can't vouch for them.

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