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Sewing Boxes for Scrapbookers?

Most scrapbookers I know take elements from many other craft mediums and put them into their scrapbooking projects.  Aren't scrapbookers crafters too?  Many of us have experimented with lots of different craft forms and brought in supplies from other areas to add to our scrapbook pages. 

Paint is a popular medium to use in scrapbooking, however it didn't originate with the scrapbooking craft. That doesn't stop us from using it in our scrapbook layouts! Also, how many of us have a needle and thread in our tool box?  I wouldn't doubt that many of us do.  Having supplies from sewing boxes in with your scrapbooking supplies, along with other mediums, will help to open up your scrapbook pages to new levels of creativity. Sewing and scrapbooking are really trendy together and make for such an interesting and dimensional look.

Here are some things you can do with scrapbooking by using supplies from sewing boxes:

– embroider ion the paper around the edges of your scrapbook layout

– embroider flower designs or scrolls on the page

– embroider lettering or text

– create embellishments out of fabric or paper for page accents (we'll talk more about this a little later on)

– sew buttons to your page

– sew a binding together for a mini book

– poke holes in the paper to create a design (without adding the thread)

When setting up a little sewing box of supplies in your scrapbook toolbox, there are several things you will want to include:

– needles (varying sizes)

– plain thread

– embroidery thread (go for a selection of many different colours here to inspire you)

– polyfill (this is really handy for making embellishments)

– fabric swatches (pick out some of your favourite fabric patterns and add these in)

– thimble (this is very helpful to protect your finger tips when trying to poke a needle through a hole in a paper, especially thick paper like card stock)

Now that you have little sewing boxes added to your scrapbook supplies, let's talk a little about what type of embellishments you can make from scratch for your scrapbook pages using these supplies.

Yo Yo's – See photo above right.  You can make these so easily by cutting a circle and stitching around the edges. Then just pull the thread to gather it together and tie it off.  These make cute little flowers or clusters as a page accent.  Note – there are tools available that make these quicker, but you can still make them yourself.

Flowers – Draw a flower pattern up.  No need to make it perfect.  Using the pattern, cut out 2 pieces of fabric.  sew along the edges to attach it together, leaving a small space.  Put a little polyfill inside and then finish sewing it shut.  You can add anything you would like to the centre.  Perhaps a button, some beads, a mini pom-pom or something else would look nice.  One example is shown at left.  These ones have a simple cut out fabric circle added to the centre. Note, for less bulk, you can leave out the polyfill. These are one-of-a-kind flowers you can add to a scrapbook layout or to a greeting card.

Leaves – You can make up fabric leaves in much the same way as you did the flowers above.  Also, try making flowers and leaves out of paper and adding stitching details using a needle and thread.

Adding tools and supplies from sewing boxes to your scrapbook stash can allow you to create so many different elements to your pages.  So if you are looking to change things up a bit, get some sewing supplies and start playing!

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