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Paper Stained Glass Panels

You can make interesting paper stained glass panels using your scrapbooking supplies that you probably already have at home.  Keep your paper scraps, no matter how small as you can utilize them in this project.  You can make lovely abstract stained glass panels or even those that represent actual objects.  

Abstract Designs for Paper Stained Glass Panels

Sort through your paper scraps and pull out the ones that appeal to you most.  Perhaps there is a colour scheme that you are immediately drawn to, or maybe you have a room in your home that you would like to make paper stained glass panels to decorate the walls in.  

You can choose to leave the paper scraps cut the sizes and shapes that they already are, or you can cut them to specific sizes and shapes that you think you would like best for the project at hand.  Some ideas are to use squares, circles, triangles or other shapes.

Get out a nice piece of good quality card stock and mark out the space you would like to cover.  Randomly glue the pieces of paper to the card stock.  Alternatively, you can also use a sewing machine to sew the paper pieces on.  Once you have a pleasing arrangement, you may even like to add photos on top as using paper stained glass panels can be suited to backgrounds as well. Or, use chipboard letters to put a favourite quote on top. Another idea is to create several different stained glass panels and frame them all together in a grouping.  This would make a nice accent to a home 

Other Design Ideas for Paper Stained Glass Panels

Most photo editing software programs have the capability of digitizing a photo.  It is quite likely then, that the photo editing program that you have on your home computer will have this as an option.  Take a photo of a person, a close up of their face for example.  Load it into the photo editing program and select the digitize option.  You can also enlarge a section of the photo to be quite large and you will see the individual pixels that the photo is contained of.  Print out the pixelated photo or enlarged portion and now you have a pattern to go from. 

Take the pixelated photo that you have printed out and tape it up on a window.  Now get a good quality piece of card stock and tape it centred on top of the photo.  Use a pencil and draw the outline of the image and the pixelated squares.

Next, cut out squares in the correct sizes to correspond to the pixels in the photo.  Use your scraps and cut out the squares from all sorts of colours and patterns.  Organize the squares in 3 piles according to tone.  You will want a pile of paper squares that are light coloured, medium and dark coloured.

Begin to glue the squares onto the good paper with the outline using the actual pixelated photo as a guideline.  Make sure you use the light coloured squares in the right places, and the medium and the dark as well.  Once you have all the pixels glued on, you will end up with a lovely paper stained glass panel that is suitable for framing. When you step back and look at the design, you will be surprised to see how your eye makes the squares blend together and actually form the image of the person you have created. This is a really cool idea for a gift for someone.  Think of people who may like one of these of their children.  

Any of the design ideas mentioned above would make for interesting stained glass panels that anyone would be pleased to have as an accent piece in their home.

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