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Guest Post: Interview with Sasha Halloway

Julie Ann Shahin is our Guest Poster today for this interview with Sasha Halloway, Founder of Point. Blank. Period. (Sasha’s photo is shown below right.) 

Point. Blank.Period. is a new challenge blog that is is fresh on the scene, debuting September 1, 2009! The motto: "It’s what you make it out to be…or think it should be." One challenge a month is issued on the blog, however they have a social network also for you to chat it up and have fun with your own profile page.  Sasha has put together an amazing design team including Angie Backen, Ashley Wren, Michele Brooks, Rhi Cooksey, Christina Padilla, Holly Hanks, Kimmi Achord, Maryangella Haberman, Sasha Farina, LaVon Williams, Heather Fuentes, Leslie Ashe, and Jennifer Tucker. I asked Sasha a few questions about herself and then a few about PBP.

What is the most interesting thing about you?
Sasha: I think that the most interesting thing about me that I write short stories and make baskets. I am down to earth when you get to know me but some folks may think I am a bit arrogant and or bitchy. I guess they might be right but only when the situation is warranted. I do not conform to this industry either .. so I think that makes me interesting. Being military I have enough bosses ..

What do you do for fun (not scrappy/crafty)?
Sasha: I love to play with my children for fun I get on the floor and roll around and play with their little men with them and also I love to Trikke .. it is SO FUN.

What do you put off doing because you dread it?
Sasha: I always put off washing my car. I do not like the drying off part and the detailing that my husband "claims" has to be done and in a certain fashion. He is currently deployed to Iraq so my car has been washed twice since he has been gone LOL.

Where did the idea come about for Point. Blank. Period.?
Sasha: Point Blank Period stemmed from my Wacky Wednesday Challenges I hosted at Scrap In Style Tv about a year ago, it was every Wednesday and we had rules and twists and keep it real prompts. I have always wanted to start my own challenge blog but with so many out there I just felt it would not be different. I love RAW and real journaling from the heart call is sappy call it what you want but I feel you can be real in scrapbooking and not always FLUFF and about your kids .. it is okay to scrap about YOURSELF.

Prompt 1 by Sasha Halloway

What are your goals for Point. Blank. Period.?
Sasha: My goals for Point Blank-Period are for scrappers, artists and photographers to get out of the rut and mojo-less attitude and have fun again in scrapbooking, not feel that every layout, picture, journal or what have you has to be perfect without any JUDGMENTS. To have a blog where everyone can relate to SOMEONE and not feel intimidated to play along due to the design team alone or due to the look and feel of a place.

Our challenges are also ONCE a month due to the fact that so many people are busy and have lives. Why feel like you have to rush and do a prompt when you can just relax and think about what you want to express on paper. I do not feel that it is a challenge blog that will be forgotten about due to being monthly, I feel if anything people appreciate that you realize LIFE is first then you play around ..

How did you choose your design team, and tell us a bit about them.
Sasha: WOW! My Design Team, or my super women shall I call them stemmed from the various style and of course everyone can relate to EACH of them in some way, most of them I am cool with on Facebook and or have visited their blogs and or I am BIG BIG fans of their work. I wanted a team that was diverse and each person has a story to tell whether they are a big name in the industry or no name in the industry to me they ARE PEOPLE with emotions, families, sacrifices and FUN personalities and that is what I wanted to portray about them ..

I have 14 people on the design team because when I invited I had NO IDEA they would ALL say yes .. lol. It was like inviting to a birthday party you over invite and when they all agreed and saw my vision it was a blessing .. there is no secret that they are talented but it is what they bring . . a few of them I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life and let me tell you they are just as FUN in person as they are on paper haha.

Prompt 1 by Guest Designer, Wendy Rago

I’m sure readers want to know about your challenges, sponsors, and opportunities for guest dt spots. Can you fill us in?
Sasha: Future challenges will include some fun, sad and out of the box topics, we are always looking for sponsors for our blog and we will definitely be on the look out and prowling through the gallery for future Guest Designers. Some of the designer you will know and some you will not .. either way you WILL still have fun and be able to relate. If you wish to sponsor us you can reach us at [email protected] ..

I received on Facebook a question from Lori Renn: she asks how do you manage to do it all (be on design teams, host a challenge blog, be a mother, wife, and have a full-time job)?
Sasha: I have always been a very organized person and a night owl. What I do generally is I scrap at night or while my kids are in the room with me playing. My husband has his passion which is golf so he does his golf thing and I do my scrap thing so it works out. We have so much fun as a family and being a military family we have to have rules, chore lists, calendars and all that at some point so things run smooth, well at least in my house and it works.

I also work better under pressure, if I have to kick out an assignment I make them all work together I will use the MFR I design for papers with the prompt or another assignment scrapbooking related I have to do .. so I am not doing 2-3 differerent projects. When things get to hectic for me I put scrapbooking aside and I prioritize. I also like to work ahead on projects as well. Another thing I try and tell people is no matter what I SCRAP FOR ME and will NOT allow anything or anyone to change that about me, and maybe that is why I still consider this a HOBBY not a job I already have that, so scrapbooking to be honest ... should always be FUN and not DRAMA filled.

Anything else you want us to know?

Be sure to visit our blog: all prompts are due NLT 25th of each month and a new prompt will go up on the blog the 1st of Each month unless otherwise specified. We are so so thankful that you guys are joining us and just having a great time in the process creating ..

 – Julie Ann Shahin

Julie Ann is a Designer for Bad Girls Project 52 Design Team, Say It With Letters, Flourish News: My Scrapbook Art Team and part of the C & T Publishing Creative Troupe.  You can learn more about Julie Ann by reading her bio and visiting her blog.  Julie Ann also has digi tutorials available here and you can view her online portfolio here.

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  1. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    Congrats to Sasha on Point Blank Period! The website is fabulous, as is Sasha! Great interview, Julie Ann! Congrats as well to my fellow Shimmerz Team Members! 🙂

  2. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    awesome interview, girls!
    loves it!

  3. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    THANK YOU Julie so much for the interview and scrap scene for featuring Point Blank Period … we are so excited .. I am finally able to get over here and see it .. my phone was not letting me look at it from work haha.

  4. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    CONGRATS sasha!
    great interview!

  5. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    woohoo! congrats on the interview Sasha and on the fabulous challenge blog!

  6. September 28th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    woohoo! awesome job, julie, and i am really excited about your challenge blog, sasha!

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