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Tips for Writing Scrapbooking Kit Ads

For the past while, as you know, we’ve been running kit ads each Friday.  We’ve come across lots of good ones which have inspired us to post some tips for you.

Writing the Ad Copy

Bearing in mind you only have 150 words for the ad, here are a few ideas for writing your copy if you are having a block:

– when writing your ad, for a more polished and professional sound, use the third person plural (i.e. "We" or "They") rather than the first person singular ("I")

 – talk about the kit contents – perhaps what they will find in the kit (e.g. ribbon, stickers, lace, flowers, etc.)

– mention some newly released products by particular manufacturers if you like

– tell the name of the kit (if it has one)

– describe what this kit reminds you of (e.g. "a warm summer breeze," or, "a day at the beach.")

– use adjectives to describe how the kit makes you feel (e.g. cozy, warm, or vibrant and cheery)

– describe some of the projects that can be made using this kit (e.g. "With this kit you will be able to make approximately 4 – 12"x12" layouts.")

– go easy on the exclamation points and multiple points of punctuation in a row – this appears a bit like a used car salesman’s ad!!!!!!

– also go easy on the ALL CAP WORDS – this has the look of shouting and again appears a bit like a used car salesman’s ad (just my opinion, LOL!)

Taking the Kit Photo

– natural light looks better than overexposed flash results, unless of course you are a professional photographer and using a light studio or light box

– take care when arranging your kit items; make them look interesting; use props, such as stands, picture frames, urns, dishes, bowls, etc. – just write on your site’s sale page that props are not included in the kit!;  any of this looks better than kit products layed out on the kitchen table.  It is ok to take photos at an angle to show dimension, etc., but it is also good to show parts of the kits face on.

– remove unnecessary and distracting backgrounds – drape a white sheet over the area before laying out your product, or simply remove the orange highchair from the background 🙂  (mine is actually blue, green, and white by the way!)

– you can add frames, brushes or other digital elements to your finished photo – this makes for a pleasing photo and often very beautiful, but just make sure it doesn’t overshadow your kit photo as potential buyers will want to see what they are purchasing.  Unless of course, this is a photo peek and you are attempting to camouflage parts of the kit items.

– kit peeks – for ScrapScene kit ads, there is no pressure to reveal your whole kit contents at the time of the ad; you are welcome to just post a photo peek of the kit and announce a future date for the full kit reveal… with a link to your site.

One final point:

Most kit clubs do a full kit release on the first of the month.  We take a maximum of 10 kit ads per post and there is one post per week, Fridays.  So, to take advantage of less competition in the ads, you may want to consider putting up your ad on a different Friday of the month – i.e. a sneak peek on the second to last Friday of the month, or a "last call" type of ad for the second Friday of the month (e.g. "Only a few of this month’s kits left…")

For more information on advertising your kit ad on ScrapScene, please click here.

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