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Scrapbook Rooms

Where do you create all your scrapbook pages? Where do you organize and store your scrapbooking supplies? Maybe you are not happy with your present scrapbook room or workspace.  Are you looking for some ideas to improve your situation? There are many options available to you as a home owner or apartment dweller for creating your own workable scrapbooking room or nook.  We put together some ideas to inspire you to make a scrapbook room of your own:

Dedicated Scrapbook Room

Use a home office or former bedroom as your scrapbook room.  Alternatively, you can also convert an unused dining room into a scrapbook room.  You can have some lovely French Doors put in the doorway like Donna Downey did in her scrapbook room.  (One photo at left.) That way you are still taking advantage of an open space by having the ability to see out of the room into the rest of the house, but at the same time, close the doors to distracting sounds emanating from your household.

Another idea for making your own scrapbook room within your present house is to convert an attic space or unused basement area into a scrapbook room.  No need to feel as though you are banished to the basement to create, there are ways to make your space open, bright and inviting even if it is in a dark and dingy basement.  The key here is lighting and bright colours.  If you make the space well lit and cheery, you will want to be banished to the basement!

Scrapbook Nook

Create a little scrapbook workspace out of an unused corner in your home.  Many newer houses have a desk area set up in the kitchen.  This is mostly meant for taking phone messages, going through your recipes, making grocery lists, paying bills, etc.  Why not use this space for something more fun.  Find somewhere else for these boring tasks and take over the space for scrapbooking.  There are often built-in’s already installed which would be ideal for storing your scrapping supplies.

Perhaps there is a corner or unused wall in a room in your house that you could turn into your very own scrapbook nook.  At the end of a hallway, at one end of your bedroom, or against a wall of the living room.  All you need to do to make the space usable is to ether get custom built-in cupboards and a desk made up to fit the space or go shopping and put something together yourself.  Ikea is a great place to look for this type of thing.

Scrapbook Room in a Closet

Let’s take a look at that closet space. If you’ve ever seen the scrapbook space that Karen Russell used in a past house, you will be impressed with how you can turn a closet into a functional scrapbook room.  (One photo at right.) It may be small, but if there is space for everything you need, then you will be the envy of your cropping friends!

The closet you use doesn’t need to be a walk-in, but of course the bigger the closet the better!  A normal run-of-the-mill closet will do just fine.  Maybe you have a closet in a guest bedroom that isn’t being used to it’s potential.  Find somewhere else to store the family’s winter clothing.

The basic configuration of a closet scrapbook room is to line the facing wall with shelves and cupboards.  Be careful that they are not too deep so as to not allow you room to manoeuver.  You will need to put a worktable in the closet as well.  Perhaps you can fit a proper desk with drawers in there.  The key is to use every possible space in the closet to it’s potential.  You may wish to remove the closet doors to allow for space for a chair as well.  You could always replace the doors with a cute curtain hanging from a rod on rings.  That way you can hide any mess you may make!

Scrapbook Shed

Maybe you already have a garden shed or garage on your property that you could commandeer from the man of the house.  If not, a lot of home building supply centres have adorable sheds for sale.  You can often get one for less than $2500.  (The garden shed at left is from Home Depot and is $2499 CAD.)

Things to consider when turning a shed into a scrapbook studio:  Make sure it is leak proof!  If it is an old shed, you will most likely need to hire your man to do a little handyman work on it.  You may need it insulated if you plan on working in it during the winter time. Can you get electricity to the shed?  Depending on it’s location, perhaps an extension cord is all you need.  This is important, not only for using electrical scrapbook tools, but also to provide light for working in your new scrapbook shed at night.

Take a look around and think of how cute you can make your shed by turning it into a scrapbook room of it’s own.

Off-Site Studio Space

Some would think it ideal to have a scrapbook studio off-site.  Somewhere that is close enough to walk to or drive a short distance to would be ideal.  Rent a room in an office building or a loft space with a great view! Maybe you know of someone with a little garden shed on their property that is not being used. The benefits of having an off-site studio space are that you are free from any household distractions to get your work done.  You can set up your studio without computers, phones, and other things that interrupt your work at home. A downside to this option is that whenever you get the urge to create, you won’t necessarily have all your supplies handy and will have to leave the house to fulfill your creative ideas.

Things you may want to consider when searching for a rental studio space are the following: Does it have washroom facilities readily available?  Is there a sink available?  Are there sufficient plug outlets for power? How is the lighting? Can you access the space at any hour of the day or night you wish?  Price – is the requested price reasonable?

Although setting up an off-site studio space like this may be a little pricey, there are ways around it.  You may be able to negotiate or swap services with the owner in return for the use of the facility.  Another option is to go in with a friend to share in the costs of rent.

A great benefit of sharing with a friend is that not only will you be creating with someone like-minded to bounce ideas off of, etc., but you will also be able to share tools between each other.  Setting up a space such as this would entail keeping your supplies separate, most likely, so you would need your own storage units and basic supplies.  You could share a large worktable if you like, or have separate ones. Sharing a workspace with a friend need not be turned into a cause to end a friendship.  Being respectful of each other and each other’s property is very important.  Before doing this, make sure your personalities meld well together.  Maybe one of you is extremely messy and the other neat and tidy.  You will need to have a happy compromise for both parties.

The Portable Scrapbook Room

Another option for creating your own scrapbook room is to make it portable.  A very cost efficient ‘room’ is one that you can tote around with you.  You may have to be judicious with what supplies you keep on hand, but in these tough economic times, I’m finding more and more that I don’t need everything.  I keep what I love and need only.

Gather all of your essential supplies and tools and keep them in a rolling tote.  Shown here is the Mimi Large Wheeled Tote. Bring it along with you to crops, friends’ houses, your mother’s house, and any room in your own house.  You can call yourself a “roving scrapbook room!”

This last option is basically what I do.  I don’t have a lot of space for anything more than that, but a girl can always dream, right? (My dream is the garden shed turned into a scrapbook room!) 🙂

If you’re looking for more photos and ideas for creating your own scrapbooking rooms, check out our prior posts on this topic.  Here is a handy link to help you out:

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  1. Melissa
    April 16th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    This is a very well written article. Although I do have a dedicated work space, I enjoyed reading about other scrapbook room options.

  2. April 16th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    Excellent ideas. We are moving to a smaller house, which has a lot of land. So I appreciate your ideas for the scrapbook shed and portable scrapbooking room: I’ll have to suggest the portable one to my wife, LOL!

  3. April 16th, 2009Posted | Permalink

    I also use a mobile version and a version at my house 🙂

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