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The Guillotine Paper Cutter vs The Paper Trimmer

There are many ways to cut paper besides using scissors or just ripping it. There are tools out there that will make your job a whole lot easier. Not just easier actually, but also neater and straighter.  Here we will discuss a few other options for cutting paper.  Tools that you may already own and tools that you may not own.  If you don't own them, you may want to consider investing in them.  Especially if you cut a lot of paper for your scrapbooking projects.

The Paper Trimmer

I have a couple of different paper trimmers.  I use the paper trimmers for cutting one or two pages at a time. It is quick and simple to use and it ensures that I can cut my paper in a straight line.  The paper trimmers I have include a ruler that slides out from underneath the trimmer.  This makes it even easier to use for cutting 12"x12" sized paper into smaller sections.  Paper trimmers are compact enough that I can pack one in my craft tote and take it along with me when I go to a crop.  It is even handy to bring a paper trimmer along on a camping trip.  I like to bring a small crafty project along with me to work on and more often than not it's a scrapbooking or paper crafting project!  Having a paper trimmer with me will help me out tremendously.

There are several manufacturers that come to mind when I think of paper trimmers that are made for the scrapbooking industry.  Ones that you may want to check out are made by Fiskars, ProvoCraft and Purple Cows.  I happen to have a Fiskars paper trimmer as well as a ProvoCraft one.  I don't have a Purple Cows one so I can't speak from direct experience about theirs. I like both my Fiskars and my ProvoCraft paper trimmers equally and don't really have a preference.  If the blade on one gets dull and I don't have a replacement blade handy, I'll go for the other trimmer that happens to have a sharper blade in it.

The Guillotine Paper Cutter

I also have a guillotine paper cutter.  Actually, it was my husband who went out and bought it.  I probably use it more than he does though!  This is an amazing tool to have.  I just love having it around.  If I am making mini books, like right now I'm on a real mini journal making kick, it is so helpful to be able to cut more than a couple of sheets of paper all in one swipe.  I can cut up to about 15 pages thick at one time with my guillotine paper cutter and it all comes out the same size, perfectly.

The guillotine paper cutter that I have is a 12" one called Vantage by Dahle North America.  It wasn't exactly cheap, but since it is a good quality I know it will do the job.  I don't have to worry about wasting paper.  I also use it for getting a really clean cut when trimming photos.  The base is metal, it has an automatic clamp and a locking blade too.  This makes it safer for having around.  Not that my kids are encouraged to touch it at all, but accidents can still happen even for adults.  The metal base has both metric and imperial measurement scales on it.  As well there is a non-skid rubber feet and an adjustable backstop that gives the paper a resting place along the edge not being cut.

I hope this helps to explain a bit about the types of paper trimmers and cutters that are out there.  As a scrapbooker, I'm sure you already have a paper trimmer you like, but many people don't realize that there is a ruler on the underside that folds out!  Also, many scrapbookers aren't making use of a guillotine paper cutter.  It really is a great investment if you are looking to do a lot of paper cutting of the same size, such as mini books or journals.  Please feel free to share your paper cutter experiences in the comments.  What do you use?

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