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Yo-Yo Cuff Tutorial

This project for making a yo-yo cuff isn’t totally scrapbooking-related, but it does use a few things from my scrapbook supply stash. I have been making yo-yo’s as embellishments for my scrapbooking layouts and mini books.  They make great little flowers!  I had some extras that I wanted to try some other projects with so this bracelet/cuff is what resulted.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on making yo-yo’s, check out this one from Heather Bailey.  You’ll notice that the yo-yo cuff I’ve shown here contains somewhat messy looking yo-yo’s.  That is because I didn’t turn the fabric over at the edges.  That is ok though.  I quite like the raw look, as you can also see by the closure! 🙂  When you make yo-yo’s for this project, don’t forget to make extra for scrapbooking embellishments or cards.

My MIL was visiting a couple of months ago and she left me with this neat gadget for making yo-yo’s way faster and easier!  It also makes them look a lot cleaner than the way I was doing them before.  It is called, "Quick Yo-Yo Maker" by Clover.  The yo-yo’s shown below are made with the small circle template. (There are also heart shaped and flower shaped templates available!).  I started to stitch them together but need to make more.  Not sure what I’m making with it yet!

Now here’s my tutorial on making a Yo Yo Cuff/Bracelet:


Twill tape





Fabric scraps

Pre-made yo-yo’s (see above description for links on where to find out how to make them yourself)

Velcro (I used small circle shaped pieces, but you can cut easily small square pieces from a strip)


1.  Cut length of twill tape to fit around your wrist.  Make sure it’s a little longer than needed so you have room to sew on your Velcro attachments.

2.  Sew Yo-Yo’s all in a row along one side of the twill tape.

3.  Sew a button on top of each yo-yo.  You can also try this with beads!

4.  At one end of the twill, sew on one piece of the Velcro – to the top, beside a yo-yo.

5. At the opposite end of the twill, sew on the matching Velcro piece – to the edge of the inside of the twill.

You are finished!  See how easy that is? 

P.S.  My 3 1/2 yr old son modeled the cuff shown here and now he thinks it’s his.  I’m afraid of what his father will say about that…!

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  1. txscrapaddict
    September 14th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    TFS. Been wanting to try these!!

  2. Theresa
    September 14th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    Cool! I had not ever heard of the term yo-yo used like this. I’ll have to try to make some! Thanks for the tutorial.

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