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Tips for Design Team Auditions & a Giveaway!

Tracey Locher Guest Posts this interesting article which contains tips and tricks for auditioning for a Design Team call.  For more on Tracey, read her bio below and you can also visit her blog here.

Tracey Locher designs for Rusty Pickle and her LSS, Ever After Scrapbooks. Her work has been published in Creating Keepsakes, several online publications and she had several featured articles published in Magazine. She loves to teach, create, and is excited to open her own Etsy shop on October 8th. Keep up with Tracey on her blog, Wooooo Hooooo.

“Auditions and Contests and Entries, Oh My!” 

It seems to me that we are in the middle of “audition season” in the Scrapbook Industry!  Over the past several months, there have been auditions for several manufacturer Design Teams such as Cosmo Cricket, Fancy Pants, and Chatterbox and top industry contests such as Creating Keepsakes’ Scrapbooker of the Year and Memory Makers Masters Contest.  Before we know it, the 2009 Hall of Fame Contest Rules will be announced swinging us into a new year of contests and calls.  Whether you participate in these auditions or not, everyone seems to feel the tingle of excitement as the various “call days” approach and we help celebrate with the new designers when their names are announced and their toots show up around the web.

I recently wrote an article for Magazine called “Auditions from the Inside” about my recent audition for the Cosmo Cricket Design Team.  The article includes a few tips about submitting for design teams, contests or publication calls.  You can read the article here.

I am so inspired by the following designers… I mean, really, just look at their work! They have a few tips/stories to share to help get you focused on your next big audition.

Becky Chabot

“WOW them! The response to DT Calls is huge, in the high hundreds. Do your absolute BEST work specifically for that call, challenge yourself and spend a little bit of time and thought on your projects to develop a design that will showcase their product with a big WOW to get their attention and make you and your work stand out.

Submit GREAT photographs. You’ve worked hard on your submission projects, now take the time to photograph them well so they look attractive and catch the judges’ eye. Photos should always be IN FOCUS. Use a solid light background to minimize distraction and get your project to pop. Take multiple photos to highlight any interactive or dimensional features.”

Beckie Dreyer

“A funny story about the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race (three week, crazy, non-stop DT audition)… We moved into our new house the day before it started!  Forget the beds and cutlery, my hubby was setting up tables and organizing scrap stuff so I was ready to start.  While I was scrapping away for the next three weeks he was unpacking hoards of boxes!  Not only am I grateful to Rusty Pickle for accepting me on to their design team but for getting me out of unpacking!

My advice for submitting is just go for it!  Life is way to short to umm and arr!  I have submitted to a few places and not gotten anywhere but I’ve enjoyed the challenge of giving it a go!”

Kathie Davis

“I look at contests as a way to challenge myself and try new techniques, sometimes they work and sometimes they DON’T!!! After the contest I look at my entries again and sometimes think ‘what was I thinking’ lol….perhaps a little less coffee and late night scrapping next time!”

Note: Giveaway is now closed

GIVEAWAY! I would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on entering the DT Calls or the big annual contests like HOF, SOY, or MMM? Have you entered? Do you have any advice to share? RUSTY PICKLE will be sending a RAK with yummy products to one (1) person that comments on this topic by Thursday, Sept 25th.  A winner will be selected via an online number generator and announced on Friday, Sept 26th!

Tracey Locher

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  1. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I would say be yourself, if you don’t get pick then just oh well. They are your scrapbooks & if you get published or win a contest that is a bonus! Also, read the rules! It would suck to do all that hard work & then miss something important in the fine print 🙂

  2. Shawna
    September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I have submitted to the LSS hoping to be able to teach classes or be on their DT. I think that you need to be true to yourself and your style and then make a commitment to go for it. Everything else will fall into place.

  3. Veronica
    September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I have made a few projects taht were inspired by DT calls but I have been too intimidated to submit them. One of these days I’ll be brave enough to hit SUBMIT. 🙂

  4. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I’ve tried out for varous calls… made some, and haven’t made others. I feel inspired, when I try out. I end up learning, and pushing myself beyond where I am currently… and I love that. I find that I grow most, during the times I try out for contests and Design Teams. I am inspired during those times. Great topic!!!

  5. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I have recently thought of applying for something like this. I am on a DT for an online store and just love it. I would love to be part of designing for a company I truly like and would feel right designing for. I would not want to compromise anything by not being true to my style or tastes for the sake of a DT spot!

  6. julia carter
    September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    Thanks for these tips, I have been wondering how to get involved with design teams and this article was really insightful. I just discovered this site and it is a new favorite! Thanks for all the cool projects and inspiration.

  7. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I’m trying to get my courage up to submit but boy, some of these gals are so good ! It’s hard to think your good enough. I love that the calls are listed here.
    [email protected]

  8. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I have not entered any of the big ones, and have only submitted a couple of times for design teams. I have taught several classes locally using my original designs, though!

  9. Linda
    September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I enter often…my husband’s comment is
    “You can’t win it if you ain’t in it”….corny, but true! LOL

  10. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    No, I have not entered any big contests or DT calls. I have a problem with getting myself to create useless one-photo layouts without any real message, just to show off some product. And since those LOs seem to be what the industry is looking for, my chances to win would be zero anyway. I rather use my stash for something I can relate to. It is hard to get good scrapbooking supplies here in Germany, so I tend to treasure it instead of using it in a generous way.

    Ramona in Germany

  11. September 23rd, 2008Posted | Permalink

    Design Teams are not for everyone, decide what’s best for you. To be a part of a “Team” You’ll need a positive attitude, an upbeat personality and creative flair.

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