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Thursday’s Tutorial: Packing Tape Transfers

sample1.JPGToday’s tutorial will show you how to do a packing tape transfer. If you’ve never tried this technique before, give it a shot. It adds a uniquely transparent look to a photo, text or other image on a scrapbook page.

To see the other tutorials posted this week, click the following links: woodgraining, stencils, and masking and polka dots.

To start with, be aware that you will need to photocopy some of your images for this technique to work. It will not work for photo paper. I often usesupplies.JPG images cut from old books and they work as is, without requiring a photocopied image.


Image to be transfered
Clear packing tape
Bowl of water


1. Cut out desired image or text.
2. Lay image face down on sticky side of a strip of tape.

facedownontape.JPG waterbath.JPG

3. Cut out around edge of image. You can leave a border of the tape showing if you prefer.


4. Drop taped image into bowl of water and let sit for about 10 minutes or so. I often will do a bunch at a time so that they can be on hand for future projects.
5. Check to see if back of paper image is beginning to come off tape. You can do this by gently rubbing it between your fingers. It will come off easily.
6. Once all of paper backing is removed, rinse off your clear transfer to remove any little paper bits that remain.
7. Lay transfer out to dry.
8. To store dried transfers, I put them on a clear piece of acetate, bag or transparency. They sometimes have a bit of tackiness remaining on the tape so they will stick fine and can be easily removed also.

seethrough.JPG store.JPG

9. To apply transparency to your project, you can add a little clear glue to it, but I find with the tackiness of the tape (if still there!) sticks just fine.

Here are a few more examples using packing tape transfers. I love how the images are shiny and transparent plus you can even layer them while still seeing the bottom one through the top one! You will find through experimentation that some images retain their colour during this process while others will only keep the black ink. (Click any photos to enlarge.)

sample2.JPG sample3.JPG sample4.JPG sample5.JPG sample6.JPG

Please drop by tomorrow for our final tutorial of the week. We’re going to have a bit of fun with gesso! Also, we will reveal the final project using all of the techniques demonstrated this week.

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  1. April 24th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    These tutorials are fantastic!

  2. Stacy
    April 24th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    This is Awesome!!! You mentioned doing it with book pages… can it be done with magazine pages???

  3. April 24th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    Yes, but you’ll have to experiment a bit. Some paper textures work better than others. I have had some luck with some magazine pages, but not others.

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