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Bring Back the Calling Card!

victoriancallingcard.jpgI love the idea of calling cards. No, not the telephone company ones, but the old fashioned kind. Victorians used to leave a calling card when dropping in on a friend who wasn’t home, or even if they were home, a card would be left in a tray in the front hall or parlour as a reminder that it was their turn for a visit! Suitors would also leave a card. How romantic! Sometimes the cards simply were left as is with the person’s name on it, but sometimes a greeting was handwritten on the back. (Photo above left from Days of Elegance.)

I think we should bring the calling card back. Not just for businesses who are advertising their business, but for individuals. Now a days, we have so many sesameletterpressbabycallingcard.jpgdifferent methods of being contacted. Your calling card could be like a hub. It could have your name, email address (or email addresses), your blog address, your Flickr photo page, your Facebook profile page and of course your telephone and snail mail address. Maybe you could even include your children’s names and your significant other’s name. It could end up being a mini trivia cheat card about you, if you like.

What a fun creative project this would be! Think of how cute you could make them using your scrapbooking supplies. Or what about a digi one made with a photo of yourself in the background. You could even go hybrid. I’d love to trade these with friends! Here are some examples to inspire:athinkforrosescallingcards.jpg

Sesame Letterpress made this beautiful baby calling card (above right) featuring a baby silhouette. This one is for the parents to hand out when meeting other parents at playgroups, etc. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people you’ve just met.

Photo of calling cards at left is from A Thing for Roses.

Joonbeam made some calling cards by hand to advertise her Etsy shop.

Love this card even though it’s more of a business card, it is still in a beautiful old style.

These “Please Don’t Call Me Anymore” cards by ZZilch are Gocco printed and available on Etsy!

Now you can have some more fun by making a card holder! These crotched card holders are quite cute! These are also lovely. We also have instructions to make your own paper quilted card holders in our ebook, “Scrapping Spring.

We would love to see any calling cards you make! Send us an email at scrapscene

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