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Scrapbooking Trends for 2008 – Part 3

Our article on 2008 scrapbooking trends continues. For part 1, please click here, part 2, please click here. Now, here are some thoughts from more well-known scrapbookers:

michaelmillerspringtimeinparis.jpgElsie Flannigan

“In 2008 I see a lot of vintage and retro colors and patterns. I love the 70’s woodgrain look and the 80’s icons! Everything old is new again!”

(At left is Michael Miller’s fabric paper, “Springtime in Paris.”)

Ngaire Bartlam, Australia

Ngaire paints an exciting future!

“I think the interior decorating side of creating with scrapbook supplies will continue… I believe that scrapbookers love a new and]different idea for using the products they collect. Functional larger projects such as shelves and cupboards being “embellished,” walls being decorated with rubons and decoupage. A greater use of other talents combined with scrapbook projects.. for example: knitting, painting, drawing, sewing, quilling, quilting and embroidery (particularly embroidery). Clear scrapping on perspex, transparencies, and glass will also continue to grow in popularity… a larger variety of embellishments made for this style will also emerge. Art Journals and books will coredinations.jpgalso be more popular with scrapbookers. Perhaps the freedom they give is appealing as an alternative to the traditional scrap page… while again allowing the scrapper to use all her accumulated product in a somewhat more relaxed fashion. Scrapping products: overlays and rubons will continue to shine. Fabrics will also be seen more in the actual make up of a page layout.. not just as a final embellishment. Perhaps we will even see fabrics made from paper designs… as we have seen in reverse with the Amy Butler line of papers following her magnificent success in the fabric design area. Texture without bulkiness is becoming more and more popular. Velvets and hemp ribbons and atelierlzcteatowel.jpgcords, more beautiful upholstery style braids , cardstock with a coloured core.. perfect for easy techniques such as tearing, embossing and sanding. (See photo above). Themes for lines (and this is my hope .. as I adore this kind of look): lots more boho, heavily embellished, rich coloured and textured lines with burnished metals and persian carpets looks… very moroccan… vintage, vintage, vintage, but with a “deeper colours” twist. Bollywood… lots of sparkles and henna designs and braids and colour and fun. Masculine lines of product that aren’t sweet… that are just as fabulous as the heaps of more feminine lines we have to choose from. 2008 holds a lot of promise for us as scrapbookers and artists. I cant wait to see what the results are!”

(Olive Green pallet above is “ColorCore Cardstock” from Coredinations. Above left is “Japon,” a tea towel from Atelier LZC.)

Brenda Pinnick

I see the scrapbooking market changing to accomodate a much more sophisticatedsodabyamypillow.jpg and creatively inspired consumer. By this I mean that many people who began as scrapbookers have found their own true creative voice, developing styles, techniques and artistic voices of their own. Manufacturers who recognize this, will be the ones at the forefront in the coming years. I think the big changes we’ll see is in the way photography is incorporated into crafting of all kinds, not just scrapbooking. With the availability of everything digital, the world of imaging is opening up to the masses. I think we’ll see a huge hybrid movement in the very near future.

(Pillow above is by Soda by Amy.)

Carol Wingert

Our industry seems to follow home décor trends and if that’s the case this year, I think sodabyamylovebirdswallpaper.gifthat by summer, we’re going to see a lot of botanicals – birds will continue to be popular and butterflies and botanical prints will become more visible. Colors will be bright – fresh greens, reds, golds and aquas. Kids oriented papers and embellies will be bright also – pinks, greens, aquas and blues. Black and white will probably continue to be strong… scrapbooking women just seem to really gravitate to classic black and white. I think that textured embellies, ribbons and papers will continue to be popular, too.
Whether my thoughts are accurate or not, I do know that there are always so many more papers and embellies out there than I will ever be able to use; that means that there are always new and fresh combos to put together.

(“Lovebirds Toile” wallpaper by Soda by Amy, above left.)

Christy Tomlinson

“Well I know for me personally I am big on textures and I am excited to see a trend in textures coming back into the industry. From felts to acrylic, corduroy to glitter, I am loving the new textures that seem to be popping up everywhere, especially on papers! As for colors, I see a lot of jewels tones coming into play. Rich but bright colors mixed with metallic’s in gold and silver. I also am excited to see (and have been for a while), journaling coming back onto our pages.. and even better, hand journaling. I think nothing gives more personality and sentiment to a page, than to see someone’s handwritten notes about an event or special occasion. I am glad people are finding the confidence to KNOW that It’s okay to use your own handwriting, whether you think it’s perfect or not. I am excited to be attending CHA this next week and see all that the manufacturers have in store. They work hard to find the upcoming trends but also to improve on classic favorites. It’s hard to do what they do, but I know I speak for many, when I say… that we appreciate their hard work, because they provide the beautiful inspiration that keeps our creative juices flowing.”

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  1. February 8th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I agree with the ladies, we will see an emergent of nature again in our scrapbooking. I’ve been integrating landscapes, animals and insects for years into my layouts. I am looking forward to seeing more of this in the industry as far as retail is concerned. I want to see simply, rich, textured papers. I love to add my own embellishments rather than have pages so “done” that I have a difficult time in finding where to put a photo! Thanks for all the information, Keleia

  2. February 8th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I am into scrapbooking but sadly I do not have the time to really get into it. However, it does not mean that i do not check out what’s new and hip when it comes to scrapbooking. Thanks for this, it kept me updated.

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