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Scrapbooking Trends for 2008 – Part 1

I don’t know about you, but when the new year rolls around I start thinking about trends and wondering what the year will hold for scrapbookers. There is always something new and exciting around the corner and I can hardly wait to see what it is!

As most of you know, many scrapbooking trends tend to follow styles that are seen in fashion and home decor. For example, you can often find similar designs in fabric as in patterned paper. Of course, there are also the trend setters! Those designers who arejapanesedecorativetape.jpg so creative and known for outside the box thinking that they begin and set the trends plus inspire the rest of us to give it a try.

We spoke to a few well-known scrapbookers and papercrafters to get a feel for some up and coming trends that they see for 2008. We hope you will find this as exciting to read as we did! It just leaves you longing for some examples and wanting to get out your supplies and start creating!

Corinne Delis, The Netherlands

I think we will be seeing more and more influence from Asia. Of those fun cartoon cimarahjohnsonasianfusion.jpgcharacters they have there on lots of things, I personally LOVE the decorative tapes they sell there. I hope to see more bright red and yellow this year. I also hope that the way people journaling will be more and more open and honest from the heart.

(Above right is Japanese decorative tape.  At left is a paper by Marah Johnson from her new line Asian Fusion by Creative Imaginations.)

Kah Mei Smith, Canada (Fontwerks)

I think people are getting back to the basics in terms of scrapbooking – which is memory keeping – so we will see more photoscristinaanddavidlayout.jpg on our layouts. I think that there is a shift towards blending mixed media techniques into scrapbooking and we’ll see more of art supply products on our pages. Stamping continues to be a good way of expressing yourself and creating a personalized piece of art, as does digital scrapbooking, and the growth of hybrid pages will increase as we use more digital resources to enhance traditional scrapbook pages and embellishments.

(Artsy layout above by Cristina&David)

piggytalesmulan.jpgAngela Daniels, USA

What I notice happening in Spring clothing collections is a return to bright, clear colors so it would be natural for scrapbooking colors to start to follow suit. I would be on the look out for bright yellow and blue collections in particular. As for trends, I expect to see an eventual emphasis on environmental awareness in scrapbooking supplies.

(Paper at right is “Mulan” by Piggy Tales.  Printed on environmentally-friendly recycled paper.) marimekkometsavankifabric.gif

Shimelle Laine, UK

I try my best not to look at the sneak peeks posted online if I’m lucky enough to be going to the show, because I love taking in all the new stuff at once. It’s overwhelming but also very exciting. This winter I think we will see continue to see great things in green and a great deal of inspiration from the refined looks of current decor — trees and woodgrains, white-on-white, bold colours used in isolation — as well as an infusion of retro kitsch, with silhouettes, polka dots and things we remember from our childhood. quietdoingwoodgrainwallet.jpgI’m ready to high-five any paper company with the guts to bring out designs that wouldn’t have looked out of place next to those avocado kitchen appliances many of us remember a little too well.

(Photo above left is of “Metsanvaki” from Marimekko‘s Spring ’08 fabric line.  Photo at right is of a woodgrain fabric wallet by Quiet Doing.)

Stop by tomorrow for part 2 of our 2008 trends report!

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  1. February 6th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    Great article! Looking forward to reading part 2.

  2. February 6th, 2008Posted | Permalink

    I loved this article. On to reading two and three. Fabulous insight, and I agree that we will see more pictures in layouts and less embellishments that cover up most of what people have scrapbooked for. Thank you.

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