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Scrapbooking in the Philippines

As the internet community has shown us, scrapbooking is popular in many parts of the world other than the just in North America. We’ve been fascinated with discovering more about these other scrapbookers e.g. what trends they make and follow, who is leading these trends, what kind of supplies they use, etc.

Scrapbooking Supplies

Much as is found in other parts of the world, scrapbooking in The Philippines has had it’s share of challenges in accessing supplies. Things are improving, however. Local retailers, both online and store-front, have had to mostly source their supplies from USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. The stores are now often having stock in their stores less than one month after their unveiling in the country of manufacture! Prior to this, local scrapbookers had to make purchases online, often dealing with long shipping times and customs issues, or rely on friends and relatives from overseas to visit bringing them supplies in “balikbayan boxes” upon arrival. (We are told that “balikbayan boxes” are large boxes of gifts packed with luggage by visiting friends and relatives.)

Local Scrapbooking Community Resources

scrappinmomslogo.gifScrappin’ Moms is a group of mothers/women that are passionate about spreading scrapbooking in the Philippines. Since May 2006, they have organized Scrapfest which hosts about 70 to 100 participants for a day full of scrapbooking demos and challenges. Joanne Figueroa-Yap tells us, “We realised there was a need because when we began in 2003, we were only 8. Now, we are over 300 with about 12 suppliers/resellers in the metro.” scrappinmoms.jpg Scrappin’ Moms also has a newsletter called ScrapBytes. You can check out the latest issue here. (Scrappin’ Moms partners shown above.)

Scrappin’ Moms recently started working for a local magazine called, Working Mom. Doing their craft pages and design for their editors note and calendar. Plans are to grow into media and be a part of a new parenting t.v. show.myscrapworksbanner.jpg

MyScrapWorks is a scrapbooking hub made possible by the initial collaboration of three people: Mabelle Santiago-Rubia, Angela A. Lauchengco and Lala Evangelista plus the support of its growing team of volunteer columnists: Din Cordero, Alby Laran, Airees Rondain, Jozzie Wilhelm and Valerie Salmon. Mabelle Santiago-Rubia tells us, “It’s a non-stock, non-profit, non-retailing website that’s aimed at providing information of all things scrap.” They would also love to see this hobby grow locally in The Philippines. (See photo of the MyScrapWorks family below right.) myscrapworksfamily.jpg

MyScrapWorks runs a unique online search engine called, The Philippine Scrapbooking Search Engine. This search tool helps locate where scrapbooking products can be sourced locally. Besides having a dedicated traditional scrapbooker following and blog, they also have a digitally focused blog called, MyDigiStyle.

Other local scrapbooking resources which can be found online are:

All About Scrapbooking
Pinoy Scrapbookers
Scrapbook Exchange

Local Scrapbooking Events

ScrapFest – run by Scrappin’ Moms. Photos from the last event can be seen at this link.

ScrapMeet – run by MyScrapWorks.

All About Scrapbooking – run by Filstar

Local Scrapbooking Talents

As with scrapbookers in other parts of the world, Filipino scrapbookers have similar issues with getting their work noticed. Many highly sought after manufacturer design team calls and contests are open to U.S. entrants only. Sadly, this is most often due to circumstances that make it difficult for manufacturers to open up their requirements to everyone i.e. time constraints with sending supply packages overseas, and shipping costs.

There is much proof that Filipinos have what it takes to be great scrappers, however. Just take a look at some of these Filipina scrapbooking celebrity names (not necessarily living in The Philippines): Valerie Salmon, Leah Fung, Ana Cabrera, Jamie Waters, Joy Uzarraga and Mellette Berezoski to name a few. Some scrapbooking talents, local to The Philippines, that you may also want to check out are listed below in no particular order. Some have been published in US magazines and are members of popular Design Teams. (Click the links to go directly to their blogs.)

Ria Mojica, Joanne Yap, Pia Zobel Lopez, Aurora Lim, Iris Babao Uy, Liza Bermudez, April Lim, Mabelle Santiago-Rubia, Alby Laran, Airees Rondain, Jozzie Wilhelm, Helga Payawal-Vergara

To view more scrapbooking talents local to The Philippines, please check out these galleries: Scrappin’ Moms and MyScrapWorks

We hope that this post on Scrapbooking in the Philippines will be the first of a series of posts on scrapbooking in other parts of the world. If you would like to contribute to an article on scrapbooking in your country, please email us at [email protected] Special thanks to Joanne Figueroa-Yap and Mabelle Santiago-Rubia for supplying information to us for this article.

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  1. November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    ….What a great idea to have articles about Scrapbooking in various countries!!! I love that and have to admit I did not know anything about the Philippines Scrapbooking wise!! But I do know there is much going on in other Countries as well!!! Being outside of the US changes your point of view considerably!!! I know what I am taking about, being in Germany!

  2. November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    nice website. i’m so proud that filipino talent is now being recognized abroad.

  3. November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Thank you so much for your post on scrapbooking in the Philippines! May I add Maria Grace Abuzman to your list of well-known scrapbookers and mention that Iris Uy is now a Memory Makers Master for 2008, and making a name for herself despite being based in Manila? Thanks again for the heads up!

  4. odette
    November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    can you please help me to find a cheaper store were i can buy a scrap supplies. tnx.

  5. jadrell jularbal
    November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    can u please help me finad cheaper store where i can bu scrapbook supplies.tnx

  6. ash abania
    November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    i’m so glad to have found out that there is a scrapbooking community in the philippines. i love to watch scrapbooking galleries from different websites and it inspired me to do my own project but unfortunately i’m so lousy at creating a style because i’m not that creative. wish you could help me improve my performance by giving me some helpful tips and some sample projects. thank you and hope you can help me with this. more power to all of you! tnx!

  7. Chris
    November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    My cousin and I had so much fun at the Scrapfest… thanks a lot!!!
    Hope to attend more fun activities like the Scrapfest soon!

  8. rita aguila
    November 22nd, 2007Posted | Permalink

    hello,how can i join the group??

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