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Spotlight on a Designer: Lusi Austin

lusiaustinheadshots.jpgLusi Austin is our featured Designer for this instalment of Spotlight on a Designer. To read previous spotlight interviews, please click here.

Lusi Austin is an Aussie scrapbooker who has been published in many scrap-related magazines, teaches classes at her local scrapbook store and also has her own stamp line.  She has recently been named to Paper Fantastic‘s Design Team.  Keep an eye out as Lusi will be having new stamp designs to introduce soon.  For now, you can see her current line here (purchase through Stamp World).

Here are the questions we posed to Lusi along with her answers:

{ScrapScene} How did you first get involved in scrapbooking?

{Lusi Austin} I stumbled across scrapbooking just after I’d had my first child. I was at my friend Kobe’s house and she was showing me her Creative Memories Album. I loved the way she was recording her daughter’s *firsts* and all the important memories. I’d been scrapbooking as a kid (in an informal way) by keeping all my ticket stubs, awards, letters…I still have them all now. I went to a local scrapbooking store and bought my first album, a sheet of stickers and 5 pieces of cardstock. I had bright colour layouts from the start with lots of lumpy bumpy pages. That was it – I’ve been hooked ever since!

{ScrapScene} How would you describe your style?lusiaustinkyla.JPG

{Lusi Austin} I’m a freestyling girl from way back. I love textured, coloured, funky layouts. I love journaling so a lot of my layouts are heavily embellished and journaled upon. I love using bits and pieces from around my house too…so technically that would make me a freestylin-funky-embellished scrapper with a penchant for junk and journaling! How’s that?!?

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create if you get a creative block?

{Lusi Austin} Well here are 5 things that help me out when I’m feeling a little uninspired:
1. Prayer – Yep I pray and ask God (who I believe is the giver of all creativity and is a phat funky Creator himself) to help me out. My faith in Him is number one to me and everything about me comes out of that. So if I’m lost on the roads, I pray. If I’m crazy happy about something, I pray. If I get a MASSIVE scrapping block (which happens now and then!), I pray!
2. I get onto some of my fave scrapper’s blogslusiaustinssshlo.JPG and galleries and pour over their layouts. If I’m getting into a rut with say photo matting, I’ll choose one scrapper, look at a page, see how they’ve matted and give it a go on my layout. That usually helps break the drought!
3. Mags….how cool is it to grab a mag and work through and let the pages soak into your eyes? I’m a real visual learner so I love just absorbing.
4. Playing and experimenting – I just chuck out some paint on the layout, or get out my stapler and give it a whirl….you know just have a real fun time with my supplies. Most of my fave layouts are ones that I did in 40mins or less and I was just wanting to have a great ol time!
5. Papers…just walking through my lss and seeing new papers with fun designs usually makes me want to go home and create.

{ScrapScene} Please tell us a little about your stamp line.

{Lusi Austin} I started designing stamps early last year and sent some of the initial lusiaustinflowersstamp.jpgdesigns off to 5 manufacturers. I had several rejections and then Stamp World rang to say they were interested in taking my designs and me on as a designer. I was ecstatic! I have learnt a lot from this venture. My line was released Feb this year but by that time my artistic abilities had developed and the new designs I have awaiting production are so different! It’s funny how you can see by looking back over your work, how much your style has evolved. Unfortunately, Stamp World have not updated their website with my designs so the only place you can view them are on my blog . I’m really hoping the next line which are a lot more funky, a lot more *me*, will take off and I just can’t wait to play with them and see them out there in the market place! I think you have to have big dreams. A while ago, I made a commitment to God that if these stamps took off, I would donate a big chunk of whatever was earned to help those less fortunate around the world. I’m not saying this at all so that people think, ‘oh isn’t lusi wonderful’? not at all! I’m saying this because I believe our passions and talents have been entrusted to us for a reason and that we can use them to make a BIG phat difference in the world in which we live by using them.lusiaustinthrone.JPG

{ScrapScene} What other hobbies are you involved in besides scrapbooking?

{Lusi Austin} Well, I’m an actor by trade, a singer by passion and a basketball by night! I have 3 gorgeous little munchkins all aged very close together so a lot of my time is taken up with them and finding ways to create great fun childhood memories for them. I have a *country* style home (most people are shocked by that!) so I love searching antique stores, op shops and garage sales for homely bargains. Another passion is really seeing our local community change. My husband and I and our beautiful church family, run a local youth drop in centre and we really hope that our lives make a difference in some way to someone else! We hope that by living out what we believe, we will see hope in hearts and lives transformed.

{ScrapScene} What are your favourite products?

{Lusi Austin} Whenever I’m asked that my response is always PAPER! I figure that if you have interesting paper, you can create your own embellishments out of it to compliment your layout. The sky is the limit if you have great paper. Brands wise at the moment I’m totally into Hambly (yum yum) and Rouge de Garance (how cool is their stuff!). I’ve always had a soft soft too for Heidi Swapp, Fancy Pants and Scenic Route.

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential tools?

{Lusi Austin} If you can leave me in a room with a some cardstock and paper, a stapler and staples, correction fluid, some buttons, doublelusiaustinstudio2.JPG sided tape and a bit of chipboard, I’ll be one happy contented scrapper 🙂

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in scrapbooking right now? Where do you see the industry moving in the future?

{Lusi Austin} I see a lot of layering and painting, a lot of textured and plenty of simple layouts out there. I think that’s great. It seems we’ve moved away a little from the heavily product-centred layouts to the more technique-based layouts. I could have that wrong but I get the feeling that people are wanting to get down and dirty and play and create up a storm with their supplies. I think that is VERY cool. I hope it keeps developing and evolving. I’ll be so glad to be a part of wherever this funky little industry goes.

{ScrapScene} Are there any other Designers that inspire you?

{Lusi Austin} Oh my gosh yes! Where or where to start….Ngaire Bartlam, Vivian Bonder, Danielle Quarmby, Elsie Flannigan, Emily Falconbridge, Adrienne Looman to name a few. But I’ve met so many fantastic girls through this awesome craft and many inspire me to create by the way they connect with their world, the way they interpret art and the way they love, encourage and support me! Love them all to pieces 🙂lusiaustinstudio.JPG

{ScrapScene} Can you share any photos of your scrapping space.?

{Lusi Austin} At the moment I store my stash in two places….in a big cupboard that one of my gorgeous scrap students, Lyndal, kindly gave me. Inside are my bits and pieces that I use at home and that are bulky. The other place for my stuff is in a scrapping tote and on a sewing table that my friend Karel gave me and that’s in the corner of my bedroom. Mostly I scrap on the kids plastic play table in the lounge room so me and hubby can still chill out…hubby and scrappin…..the best of both worlds! (See two above photos of Lusi’s studio in recent times).

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  1. Chris Millar
    July 16th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    So cool to see you here Lusi!!!! You go girl!

  2. July 16th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Woohoo – I know how incredible AWESOME this chick is coz she’s my best friend!! Love ya Lus honey…. and God will just keep giving and giving to you when you continue to press into Him and give Him all the glory!!

  3. July 16th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Wow Lusi how awesome is it too see a matey of mine featured here – you rock girl plus your an fantastic scrapbooker too!
    love Ruthy
    p.s. what a great site here too!

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