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Spotlight on a Designer: Ngaire Bartlam

ngairebartlam.jpgWe are excited to welcome the talented Ngaire Bartlam to our Spotlight on a Designer feature! Ngaire, (pronounced “NIGH-re),” lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Paul, two daughters Georgie (11) and Belle (8), “a big boy cat Rueben, an old girl cat Boo boo, and a teeny hairy dog, Dougal.” Ngaire tells us that her name “is a traditional Maori name (from New Zealand) although I am not from New Zealand nor Maori!! ( My dad traveled a lot before I was born, and he heard the name and loved it. so when I came along… I got the name.)”

Below are the questions we posed to Ngaire along with her answers. Also, take a look at the beautiful artwork she allowed us to use in this post!

{ScrapScene} How did you first get involved in scrapbooking?

{Ngaire Bartlam} I started scrapping over 8 years ago, and it all began at a Creative Memories class I hosted in my home, as a favour for a friend. I was instantly “at home.” I knew I had found my place in life… and I still feel that way. I am, in the words of Olivia Newton John.. “hopelessly devoted.” (the triangle thing.. we didn’t last songairebartlambliss.jpg long..)

{ScrapScene} How would you describe your style?

{Ngaire Bartlam} My style is eclectic…. junky and kinda gypsy 🙂 Hard to describe really… but I adore texture, and colour, and using everyday stuff, I love flowers, and fabric, buttons and ribbons… I love to take risks…. and love a good challenge.

{ScrapScene} What other hobbies are you involved in besides scrapbooking?

{Ngaire Bartlam} MMMMMMm.. ok at the moment, i want to find out more about felting. (read that last sentence in an ever so slightly manic kind of way.. I totally LOVE felt… everything about it.. the colours, the texture, the ease of use… everything!!!!) and I am loving (all over again) embroidery and sewing.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

ngairebartlamrocker.jpg{Ngaire Bartlam} As I said above, I cannot walk past flowers, ribbons, fabric, felt (LOL, I think I have made that pretty obvious!) and Tarisota Collections Kits . Brand names? Basic Grey (from the beginning, just fantastic.) The new Love, Elsie range, and my long term favourite, 7gypsies. (esp. their rubons.. they are WONDERFUL!!!!!!) But really I don’t go by label.. I just buy what I like.. (and here’s a hint.. then I try to use it start away.. while I love it.. rather than filing it away.. and then trying to use it when I am no longer so enamoured.)

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential tools?

{Ngaire Bartlam} Fiskars paper cutter, soft touch scissors, circle punches in three sizes and my new favourite: their fabulous scallop scissors.. a huge self healing mat, Stazon inks, Cutterbee knife, ( so easy to use.. fabulous design!) double sided tape, crystal laquer, and my dear old sewing machine, (who has forgotton what it is like to make clothes.. and is now 100% art machine.:))))

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in scrapbooking right now?ngairebartlamtheprocrastinator.jpg

{Ngaire Bartlam} Scrapping YOURSELF, in a loving, and kind way.. acknowledging the beauty that each of you as unique individuals have.

{ScrapScene} Where do you see the industry moving in the future?

{Ngaire Bartlam} I am hoping to see a greater acceptance and resurgence of “artistic” and over the top art. While I love to see the simple style of scrapping, I want to see more of the heavily embellished, the super colourful, the ground breaking and the awe inspiring. I want to look at scrapping magazines, esp. the covers, and be STRUCK by the layouts (and off the page items) shown there. I really feel that is lacking at the moment.

{ScrapScene} Can you share a photo of your scrap studio space?

ngairebartlamstudiospace1.JPG ngairebartlamstudiospace2.JPG

(Click to enlarge)

{Ngaire Bartlam} This is it! It is a teeny space.. ( smaller in real life than in these photos! LOL).. and it is also the front entrance to our home.. The green is SUCH a cool colour, it’s very inspirational. (It’s also WAY messy right now… so I was happy to be able to share THESE photos of when it doesn’t look like ..well… a complete bomb site.) PLEASE tell me y’all can relate????ngairebartlamtiger.jpg

{ScrapScene} Please tell us about your two books, “Lumpy Bumpy” and “It’s All About You.”

{Ngaire Bartlam} I wrote “Lumpy Bumpy” in 2003 and “It’s all about you” in 2005. I never thought thatI would write a book. Let alone two!! Lots of hard work.. and I am very proud of the results. I would like to write a third book one day.

{ScrapScene} Please tell us a little about your new blog, “Beautiful.”

{Ngaire Bartlam} This blog is a very important venture for me. It began with an ad on tv.. stating that only ONE % of Australian women would describe themselves as beautiful… this percentage stunned me.. and I wrote this post on my blog. The “beautiful like a rainbow” blog then grew from this post and it is simply a place where women from all over the world can come to see other women’s art.. about and for themselves, affirming that each and every one of them is indeed, beautiful. “No money to give, no need to dress up, no special requirements… no need to feel anything less than…. absolutely beautiful.” And of course, ScrapScene’s beautiful readers are more than welcome to join in too. Just click on the Beautiful Blog to email me a scan of your “beautiful like a rainbow” layout. I can’t wait to see them!!!!

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  1. Chris Millar
    June 25th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Lovin’ seeing Ngaire here!! She’s a wonderful role model and icon for Australian scrapbooking!! Not to mention a total sweetheart!

  2. June 25th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    so much talent on your blog! Just found you and can’t wait to peek!

  3. June 25th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    An insightful interview about a truly inspiring and beautiful woman 🙂
    Lus x

  4. June 25th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Wow Ngaire’s work is truly inspiring. I love her use of fabrics, buttons and ribbons in her layouts.

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