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Scrapbooking While Traveling

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traveljournals1.jpgDo you bring scrapbook supplies with you while you are on holiday or vacation? What about on a trip to the cottage or on a camping trip? It’s not difficult to find room for a little box of supplies to take with you to make up a mini album about your trip. I usually squeeze in more than I actually need (if you ask my husband!), but you can go easy or all out with what you decide to bring along.

Necessary Supplies – I find the following supplies to be hard to live without: some type of adhesive (I usually just go with a simple glue stick), a small pair of scissors, a premade mini album (I like to make my own), some pretty papers (precut to fit into your travel box or album), and a marker. With these supplies, you can do some journaling on the pages, glue in some ephemera, and even make some simple embellishments. You can add the photos in later when you get them printed.
Extra Supplies – If you have room, you can also bring: more pieces of paper, embellishments, a stamp or two with an ink pad (a journaling stamp would be handy here!), something for color like a little paint or colored pencils (if bringing paint, you can always forgoe the paintbrush for a q-tip or make-up sponge from your cosmetic bag). If you are stuck for embellishments, maybe order one of Rebecca Sower’s “Emergency Craft Kits” or make up your own from your own stash.

lollipooplibrarycardjournals.jpgPremade Mini Travel Album – Instead of buying a premade mini album to take along with you, why not make a custom one? You can easily make the base by attaching together a stash of index cards with book rings like Emily Falconbridge did here for her recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, or why not bind together some library cards like we recently posted about here. Or, you could buy one of these cute little albums – all ready to go. Below right is another version of antraveljournalidexcards.JPG index card travel journal I used on a trip last summer.

On another recent trip to England and Ireland, I brought a mini travel album along that I had premade. You can see our previous post on this subject here, including photos of two travel journals I made (one is above.) Having a journal like this made it unnecessary to bring a lot of supplies. I also put lots of pockets inside to hold ephemera so I didn’t need to bring any adhesive. Later, when I returned home I was able to glue everything in permanently.

How to Store Your Travel Scrapbook Supplies – If space is an issue, and you have no room for your travel totes, find a little box to put your supplies in – like one of those plastic containers that store baby wipes. They are perfect for this project (empty of course!), not only because they are small and have a lid, but your supplies and creations are safe inside, free from crushing.

If traveling by plane, don’t forget that you will need to move your scissors and other dangerous materials to your checked luggage. If you can pack your Scrapbooking Travel Kit in your carry-on bag, all the better – you can create on the plane!

If your holiday involves a road trip in North America, make sure you check out your route at Scrapbooking Roads. Better yet, pick up a copy of their book appropriately named Scrapbooking Roads available through Amazon. Scrapbooking Roads, which we recently reviewed here contains scrapbooking stores directories for each state along with other data including a consultant list, scrap publications, kit clubs, events, retreat locations and much more. Good reading while travelling!

For more ideas, check out this article that Emily Falconbridge wrote, “Scrapbooking on the Road, this article, “Scrapooking on the Road” from Digital Scrapbook Place, “Scrapping from the Road” from Organized Scrapbooks and Ali Edwards’ travel album here.

Please leave us a comment with your scrapbooking while traveling ideas or stories.

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  1. June 7th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Where were you in February when I needed ideas for a travel scrapbook when we went to California? Thanks for all the ideas. 🙂

  2. June 7th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Great ideas! I’ll be going to Hongkong Disneyland with hubby and DS. Traveling will definitely be fun and memorable this time! Also, at the end of the day, when we’re all back in the hotel just waiting for the ff. day’s itinerary to push through, I’ll have a blast scrapping the day’s worth of stuff!

  3. susan frazier
    June 7th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    The new Simple Stories line from Memory Works is great for traveling and scrapping!  You get  divided page protectors, double sided headers and downloadable elements.  All you need to do is add pictures!  the price is great too!

  4. naomi
    June 7th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Just what I,ve been searching for!! So needed this!

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