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Scrapbooking for Men – Follow-Up

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d post this follow-up on our Scrapbooking for Men article. We received such a great response, that we thought we’d feature some of the great comments and ideas we’ve received. Thank you to everyone who took the time to email us or comment about this interesting subject!

Wes Thomsen said, “RIGHT ON! Guys do scrapbook and it (is) just an extension of the things they’re interested in. I’ve met a lot of women who don’t scrap in flourishes and heavy embellishments. Direct, stripped down and to the point in a way that you might assume a guy would. I’ve also met guys that are great with treatments, stamps, layouts and things that we assume they wouldn’t spend time on. I think Angie hit the nail on the head with two things in this article: 1) We all know it’s waaay different scrapbooking your own pictures and experiences. That’s usually the bait that gets us started and drives us to take the plunge right? 2) Some guys need a reason to do a layout. They aren’t in it for the process, expression or social connections associated with cropping but they can appreciate having a task and the actual object after it’s finished.

“Scrapbooking” is growing in ways beyond the traditional boundaries infered in the name. More people are going digital and sharing on the web, making complete home made and custom sized albums for keepsakes or to just show appreciation, and for arts sake or to commemorate like the shadow box and framed art ideas above.

Reading this reminds me I want to collect pictures of the cars I’ve owned and worked on to make a 24 x 12 layout to frame for the garage. Whether guys communicate it or not, they see and remember people that celebrate and layout their lives.”

Tim Holtz said, “I think this industry can be open for just about anyone who wants to take part in creating with their memories. I agree that there are far more women than men in the industry, but more and more men are starting to appear (mostly in the business side of things) in companies. You never know what the future olds, I just hope that people can see that this craft can be for just about everyone…”

Carol Wingert said, “My hubs definitely supports what I do…in fact, he’s my major cheerleader! Both my dad and father-in-law devour the books I’ve written (interestingly enough, more than the moms) and look through magazines at my house to see if I’ve submitted something. It’s really cute. Of course, if there are projects about them, that’s even better!

I’ve been seeing more men becoming involved-last year at Creative Escape, one of the hubbies took some of the classes while his wife played with the kids in the pool. There were several guys at the Arizona Scrapbook Convention classes that I taught, all taking classes with their wives. Of course, it’s stnancywethingtonwhencetimebegan.jpgill a very tiny percentage that participate.”

Mitchell Kraft said, “As a man in scrapbooking, I think it’s very cool when other guys try it out. Scrapbooking to me is art, and art isn’t sexist. Anyone is capable of doing and nobody should judge you if you enjoy it. So…scrap on men! It’s not all fluff and frills…”

Nancy Wethington, of For Keeps Sake Scrapbooking Superstore, said, “I scrap a lot of my husband’s fishing and hunting pages. Having asked him to tell me where one fishing trip or another took place so that I could journal, it occurred to me that I had nothing in my scrapbooks with his handwriting in it. So I asked him to write about this particular fishing trip to Alaska. He didn’t worry about how his penmanship looked, whether he was writing straight or crooked, or if all the words were spelled correctly . . . unlike most women scrappers I know. Just him. Thus the title “Whence Time Began” came from a story he related from an Alaskan fishermen.” (see layout above left).

Here’s a blog called “Scrap the Boys,” which as the title describes, features layouts all about boys.

To read more comments on this subject, please click here.

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