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Book Giveaway: Scrapbooking Your Faith

scrapbookingyourfaith.jpgWe are excited to be giving away one copy of Courtney Walsh‘s new book, Scrapbooking Your Faith!

Here’s a quote we received from Courtney (from our previous post here)I was able to work with eight amazing artists to watch this thing come to life, and I really just tried to write my heart. Now I’ve got something for future generations – they’ll never wonder what I believed in or who inspired me to live out my faith… it’s all there in my album!”

Courtney also was recently interviewed for an article in her local paper, which you can read here.

How does your faith or spirituality affect your scrapbooking? Have you scrapbooked your beliefs before?

To win the copy, leave a comment in this post before Saturday evening at 7 p.m. EST. We will have Lochlan draw for the winner!

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  1. Carol
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I heard this book is great!!!! I would love to be able to share this one with my scrapping buddies!

  2. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    What a wonderful book! I would love to see those amazing artists.

  3. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I would love to win a copy of my dear friend’s book. Thanks for doing the book Courtney! And for being so inspirational 🙂

  4. Pam Stein
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I’ve been scrapping my faith earnestly for the past year or so. I’ve always included my church related photos in my albums, but am now seeing my pages as a way to pass on my faith journey. I hope to begin a separate “Journey of Faith” album soon that would include my favorite verses, hymns, people who have mentored me.

  5. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Looks so lovely! I think I’ve never scrapbooked my faith, per se, but what a good idea!

  6. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I think my faith affects everything I do, including scrapbooking. I often or always have little symbols on my pages or the theme has a doubble meaning. Sometimes this symbols or themes are about the “spiritual part” of the journey. I havent been very explicit yet, cause I havent really found a way to do it. Maybe this book would be of help?

  7. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    This would be a fantastic book to add to my collection!

  8. Theresa
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    This book sounds like the perfect book to present and study from in our newly forming “Faithbooking/Scrapbooking’ ministry at our church.!! I pray that the Lord provide us with this blessing to begin our journey of Faithbooking.

  9. Regina
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I would love to get a copy of this book. I have had a lot of faith strengthening experiences lately; last one being loss of my 13 year old dog and would love to get some spritual inspiration. God is with me every day in my daily life. It would be so nice to put it down on paper.

    I hope you pick me.

  10. Callie Appelstein
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Looks like a really neat book! I would love to check it out. I would really like to scrapbook my faith and my struggles with faith, but don’t know where to start. It would be great to see some examples of how it has been done well!

  11. Melissa Waters
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I am so excited about this book. I have loved her work and read her first book! This one is sure to dazzle and inspire too.

  12. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Yes, I have scrapped my beliefs and about my spiritual walk. Every page is about my life and my family. I have pages of church events and everyday life that reflect our spiritual walk. Some pages are more in depth and some of my pages have a simple/single Bible verse to express how I feel. I am on a design team at Faith Based Pages that has helped me to bring out my Faith even more in my scrapbooks. This book looks wonderful and like a few others I plan to have this one on my shelf whether it comes as a win or not. ;o)

  13. StayFunny
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Would love to have this book, it looks really great!

  14. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    As someone who has begun to embrace her faith, I can appreciate how scrapbooking one’s beliefs can be important. Thanks for this chance. 🙂

  15. Kim Brown
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I recently attended a Faithbooking Bible Study at my church. This would be great additional inspiration to continue those ideas. Thanks!

  16. Anita
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I love her books. The first one is amazing. Can’t wait to peruse this one and learn more from her.

  17. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I try to incorporate my faith in as many of my layouts as possible. What an awesome idea for a book.

  18. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    What a great idea, I hadn’t thought of something along these lines… I would love to see what kinds of inspiration and ideas the book has to offer. Thank you for opportunity to win.

  19. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Sure do!! We have a whole community of ladies encouraging each other to do just that scrap our faith!! Just love it & I find scrapping my faith has helped my faith to grow!! How awesome that God can use our hobby to develope our relationship with him 🙂

  20. June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I have been faithbooking before faithbooking had a name! I have almost no believers in my extended family, but they love to look at photo-albums, so every page must make a statement of God’s Word. No matter what the subject, I can find a verse to go with it! I would love to see a family member come to know the Savior through my faithbooking. I teach it to other people who just “scrapbook” as much as possible. Taking the Word of God out of my faithbooks…well, they’d just be pictures without a soul.

  21. Pam
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I am interested in starting a faithbooking group at my church. My scrapbooks have always been, personally, a way I remember and share what the Lord has done in my life!

  22. Paula
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    have really been waiting for something like this to come around because I am wanting to do more pages that reflect on my faith. So, Kudos!!

  23. Lucy Chesna
    June 13th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    this is very cool

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