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Spotlight on a Designer: Rhonna Farrer

rhonnafarrerheadshot.pngRhonna Farrer is our featured artist for this Spotlight on a Designer interview. To see previous spotlight interviews, please click here.

Rhonna Farrer is a well-known digital and hybrid scrapbooker. Her style is self-described as eclectic, and when you take a look at her gallery, you will see that there really is something for everyone’s taste. Rhonna’s designs are artsy, yet whimsical with lots of flourishes and doodles. There is also a distinct vintage yet romantic feel to a lot of her work. Rhonna’s designs are available from Autumn Leaves and Two Peas in a Bucket.

Below are the questions we posed to Rhonna along with her answers:

{ScrapScene} Please tell us how you first discovered scrapbooking.

{Rhonna Farrer} I had experience in Photoshop & designing & when I wanted to create an album for my dad for Father’s day, I did it all digitally with my designs. I enjoyed it so much. I love fonts & had a lot of fun collecting & using them. Then, that Fall (2003) my sister told me about a great place for fonts called Two Peas in a Bucket. That same week, my friend & I were talking & she told me about a great scrapbooking site called Two Peas In a Bucket. So, it was so fun to hear about the fonts & scrapbooking. I quickly becamerhonnafarrerthatgirl.jpg enthralled with the artists I saw in the gallery & soon found that there were others that did it digitally. I decided to enter CK’s Hall of Fame, & I won. From there I was contacted by Autumn Leaves & have been with them since. I enjoy being a Garden Girl at Two Peas since they were the very first site that soon became my home.

{ScrapScene} Do you find yourself creating more digital than traditional paper scrapbook layouts?

{Rhonna Farrer} I started out pure digital. But, have since evolved into ‘infusion/hybrid’….that is my true love where I can combine both digital designs *and* the paper designs. I love it! There’s so much you can do with combining the two art forms.

{ScrapScene} When you first thought of creating your own printed scrapbooking line, how did you go about selling the idea? Do you think it was easier since you were already an established digital designer?

{Rhonna Farrer} Like I mentioned above, I was approached by a company right after the announcement for CK’s HOF was made. I hadn’t even started ‘selling’ my digital work. I just created it for my own layouts, & from there created the collections I have with Autumn Leaves. Now, designing both digital *and* paper lines gives me a lot of possibilities & enjoy both so much!

{ScrapScene} Can you tell us a little about your vision for the new website?

{Rhonna Farrer} It’s a combination of my blog & my old site. I love to connect with artists all over the world through my blog. And there was the necessity to show my work to art directors with a password protected site. So, I combined the two. I wanted a place to share my journal, art, things that were happening *and* a place for art directors to come & see my latest work. So, this is where it is. I have room to grow, share, & sell and I am loving the opportunities it’s brought already!

{ScrapScene} How did you develop your own personal style?rhonnafarrermemories.jpg

{Rhonna Farrer} My personal style is a reflection of my personality…ecclectic! I love a mixture of styles, textures, fonts, colors, feelings & ideas. As an artist I love to evolve each time I create. I also give myself challenges to kick up my creativity! I love doing that!

{ScrapScene} Can you give any suggestions for other artists on developing a unique personal style?

{Rhonna Farrer} I just talked about this in my newsletter, the {pRocess}. I challenged my readers to do a few things to ‘find’ their own style. I talked about collecting things they love, things that catch their eye. Then, compiling it in a book. And then looking over those things to pin point the ‘style’ they are attracted to. And of course, the challenge to create. The more you create what you love, the more your style will become apparent & become ‘you’. It’s been really fun to get feedback from others & hear their experiences during this process.

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create?

{Rhonna Farrer} Everything around me. It can be my kids & the things we talk about or the things they say. It can be the feelings that memories evoke. It can be a billboard & the design. It can be the colors in nature. It can be the sound of music in my ipod. It can be the smell of scented candles. It can be walking into a store & being visually stimulated with all the textures, colors and products. It can be a whole bunch of fabric. I seriously love being inspired by life.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite techniques at this time?

{Rhonna Farrer} rhonnafarrerstickerslabels.jpg I am so into printing out on sticker paper & clear sticker paper. I love taking digital elements & getting creative with them. I’ve found that I can create custom stickers, borders, even photo transfers! Combining digital & paper is rad! (Check out Rhonna’s tutorial here, photo at right).

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

{Rhonna Farrer} LOL, well, besides my collections with Autumn Leaves & my digital designs with Two Peas in a Bucket, I find myself always going for anything Heidi Swapp, Hambly, 7 Gypsies, Basic Grey, KI Memories, Strano Ribbons, & regular office supplies. I’m totally into manila folders right now…As far as digital designers, I love all of the Two Peas Digital Designers.

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential tools?

{Rhonna Farrer} Computer no doubt. Then, after that, as I said above, anything from those lines I love!

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in the world of scrapbooking?

{Rhonna Farrer} To be true to your own style. I think a lot of people are getting to the point that they have seen fads come & go. When you stick with what *you* love & create what *you* love, that’s what matters most….in the end they are *your* scrapbooks & it’s *your* art…not the industry’s.

{ScrapScene} What do you predict for future trends?

{Rhonna Farrer} I think more & more people will realize the endless possibilities with combining digital techniques with paper & glue. So, whatever you want to call it: infusion, hybrid, tradigi…it’s hot!

{ScrapScene} Do you have any tips for other scrapbookers on getting their work noticed?

{Rhonna Farrer} #1….be different. Be yourself. #2. Let your passion shine through in your art & creations. #3 Work hard. #4 Follow your heart #5 Enjoy the process!

{ScrapScene} Are there any other designers that inspire you?

{Rhonna Farrer} I have all my favorites listed on my website…from artists to fabric designers, to scrapbookers to photographers. I get inspired by so many!

{ScrapScene} What project(s) are you working on now?

{Rhonna Farrer} I’m involved in Creative Escape 2007, so that’s exciting. And as for the secret ones, I am so excited to share, but can’t quite yet!

All work shown has been created by Rhonna Farrer.

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