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Scrapbooking for Men!

With the recent interest in men in scrapbooking, I approached my husband toanneterrynvieuxgreementspg2.jpg see if he might be interested in sitting down with a nice cup of tea and doing some cropping with me. Haha – his answer was what I expected, “Aaaahhhh…No, but thanks for asking!” Haha. Thank YOU for your interest, hubby! After assuring him that I would not force him into something that had anything to do with ribbons and frills, I did get him to agree to consider what he might actually like if I did up a layout for him.

The basic question that I asked him was, “If I (your wifey dearest) were to make up a scrapbook page for you (my hubby dearest) what could I do that you might appreciate and actually enjoy and (heaven forbid) even display somewhere?” Here are a couple of the ideas that he came up with (maybe this guy is something more than just smelly socks and funny noises.) Layout above is by Anne Terryn, “Vieux Greements.” To see the full page spread, please click here or check out her blog linked to her name.

Sporting Event Shadow Box. This is a little more than just a layout but done up simply with event ticket stubs, maybe a page or rachelwassimonjudoshadowbox.jpgtwo out of the program, a crushed popcorn box and even a picture or two, he says he would consider putting the page up on the wall. (He suggested the shadow box, to preserve the memorabilia.) So maybe next time he drags you out to the next NASCAR event or basketball game, see what you can pickup. Bring the digital camera along for pictures of him enjoying himself. A related idea might be to use a team photo as the focal point – maybe even his old high school football photo – you know, when he had hair? Shadow box above, “Judo” was done by Rachel Wassimon.

Sporting Hero Page. (Do we see a trend developing here?) This project would be much along the same lines as the first idea except the topic would be some sporting great. Maybe a layout of Tiger Woods with some golf tees, maybe a golf event listing with Tiger as the winner, a picture or two all put together on a nice felt golf green background. If you use the shadow box again, you could add a couple of golf balls and tee’s. My husband suggested that I do a page up about Wayne Gretzky – he suggested that I go out and get a Gretzky rookie card and maybe a signature from eBay … (Hmm, it’s ok to spend money on stuff when the scrapbooking page is for him. I see how it works.)whitneywilcoxadayintheoffice.jpg

That Fishing Trip. Does he have some grimy old photo of him holding up some big fish with a silly look on his face? (your husband, not the fish.) Or maybe a picture of him and his buddies all holding strings of fish? Put that into a page. Now, a word of caution. A layout like this can go wrong, really fast. Make sure you get a clear understanding of the significance of that picture – was it THE big one, or maybe it was just that it was from Alaska. Don’t assume these things, the importance that HE places on that picture might not be what you see. And this idea came with one clear instruction: “do not go into my tackle box for embellishments! If you feel you want something for this layout, let me know what you need, and I’ll see what I have.” Well! He made that pretty clear, don’t you think? I wonder what he’s hiding in that thing? Check out this layout above right by Whitney Wilcox, “A Day in the Life.” (You can see more of Whitney’s work on her blog linked at her name, or by clicking here).

Kids Layout. This one I had to prompt out of him. He agreed that a page about our son, Lochlan, would be nice as long as it did not look like all the other pages I’ve made up about about him. “Make it manly” is exactly what he said. So, in keeping with his other “manly” suggestions, I assume this means maybe something with he and Lochlan doing something “manly” together. Maybe a nice fishing layout with someone holding up the prerequisite fish. Or, maybe you’ve got some photos of the whole crew on a camping trip… You get the idea.

Basically, the thought I think he was trying to get across, is that a layout or display is fine as long as you don’t use all those pretty embellishments and papers you’ve been collecting for years. Think like a man (the horror.) This project might be harder than you realize, but if you pull it off, you might have an ally next time you have that IKEA table to put together. If you are really lucky to can get him to get rid of that disgusting stuffed fish in over the doorway in the basement and replace it with a nice fishing layout. Haha, oh well, one likes to dream.

So, if you’ve made up a page that your husband or significant other actually liked, we love to see it. Or, are you a guy scrapbooker? Tell us about your scrapbooking! Just post a link in the comments and if we get a good response we’ll do up a post featuring them.

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  1. May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    well well well, very interesting! I’ll have to ask my dh these questions! Thanks for sharing with us…both of you!!! Your husbands answers make perfect sense!

  2. May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    as a man in scrapbooking, i think it’s very cool when other guys try it out.
    scrapbooking to me is art, and art isn’t sexist.
    anyone is capable of doing and nobody should judge you if you enjoy it.
    so…scrap on men!
    it’s not all fluff and frills…

  3. scrappin.doodle
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Well to be honest with you, I can’t see my hubby coming home from work (as a power engineer) and digging into scrapbooking.. Some may think it’s an art, while others think it’s more of a “mom’s craft” thing to do, like myself. My hubby brings out his art in woodworking, as do my boys.. So I’d have to say my hubby would say..”scrap it ladies, you’re doin a fine job and keep up the great work!” 🙂

  4. May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I have a scrapbooking business, and my husband is very supportive. As a matter of fact, he participates alot and is a big contributor to my success. Once in awhile, when I am stuck on a page, he will come along and do his best to offer creative advice. Now, mind you, haha, that I don’t always agree with his taste, but he really does care about what I’m doing.

    He’s even had some of his own creativity sparked and made some cards for me and his mother a couple of years ago for Mother’s Day!

  5. April
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    My husband is very supportive of me Scrapbooking. He picks on me about it sometimes but he likes it. I did a military scrapbook for him that he is always eager to show off. I am a Close To My Heart consultant and so I do a lot of bulk cutting of layouts. He has on several occassions sat down and volunteered to help me cut the papers I needed and asked how can I help. He also offers his opinion up anytime that I feel a layout is missing something and will tell me what he thinks will help. 🙂 I am one lucky girl! 🙂

  6. Wes Thomsen
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    RIGHT ON! Guys do scrapbook and it’ just an extension of the things they’re interested in. I’ve met a lot of women who don’t scrap in flourishes and heavy embelishments. Direct, stripped down and to the point in a way that you might assume a guy would. I’ve also met guys that are great with treatments, stamps, layouts and things that we assume they wouldn’t spend time on. I think Angie hit the nail on the head with two things in this article: 1) We all know it’s waaay different scrapbooking your own pictures and experiences. That’s usually the bait that gets us started and drives us to take the plunge right? 2) Some guys need a reason to do a layout. They aren’t in it for the process, expression or social connections associated with cropping but they can appreciate having a task and the actual object after it’s finished.

    “Scrapbooking” is growing in ways beyond the traditional boundaries infered in the name. More people are going digital and sharing on the web, making complete home made and custom sized albums for keepsakes or to just show appreciation, and for arts sake or to commemorate like the shadow box and framed art ideas above.

    Reading this reminds me I want to collect pictures of the cars I’ve owned and worked on to make a 24 x 12 layout to frame for the garage. Whether guys communicate it or not, they see and remember people that celebrate and layout their lives.

  7. May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    A great article. From a man’s perspective it seems you need a great deal patience to organize and plan a scrapbook properly, which I’m not sure most men have 🙂
    It’s kind of like Diaries. I would bet that 90% of diary writers are ladies.

  8. Dave in Dover
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I am a guy who loves scrapbooking… There aren’t alot of us out there but thanks for the great idea

  9. Dave in Dover
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Chose card stock, photos,stencils, and foil stickers over the game tonight! Making a timeless treaure over defensive pressure

  10. Masika Prentiss
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I know this is an old post, but the topic sure isn’t, and there still isn’t much man friendly stuff out there. I’m a woman, but I don’t go for the frilly stuff either. I love photography, pets, outdoors are my main pictures. My partner and I are season ticket holders to the Seattle Storm basketball games, so I have a lot of pictures to scrapbook, but not many products for it. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a Circut for Christmas, so the good thing is I can make my embellishments more masculine. I like Tim Holtz products, but still not enough. I think my furture designs will entice more men into the craft; or maybe I’ll design something that will take off and make me a dot com millionaire (o

  11. joey
    May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    I’m a guy and I scrapbook! I have been scrapping for years – its not geared toward men, if they make more stickers and such more masculine and from a guys point then maybe more guys would try it –

  12. May 17th, 2007Posted | Permalink

    Hi Joey – you should check out Tim Holtz’ things then. A lot of his products have more of a masculine bent to them.

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