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Scrapbook Organizing: Paper Storage

Organizing your scrapbooking supplies, specifically patterned paper, can be tricky especially if your plan is to submit scrapbook layouts for publication. It is important to be able to list the pattern names and manufacturers of all your supplies so the proper company can be credited in the publication. Being able to see your supplies so you will be inspired to use them is also a plus in good organization. Here are a few methods of organizing your paper scrapbook supplies to facilitate the submission process:

Write the manufacturers and pattern names of all your supplies on the back of your layout while the information is fresh, at the time of creating the page. swatchbook.JPGThis way, if down the road you decide to submit the scrapbook page for a publication call, all the materials are listed and ready to pass on to the editor.

Create your own swatch book (I’ve included a picture of mine at the right). Take a small clipping or punch a square or circle shape out of every patterned paper you own and glue it into a small journal. Keep a separate page for each manufacturer and write the name of the paper underneath the swatch. This is a fun way to see what you’ve got all in one place. This handy little book can also go with you to your local scrapbook supply store when it comes time to restock your supplies.

Organize your patterned paper by manufacturer and store in paper holding trays. Label each tray with the manufacturer’s name. There are two methods of doing this: vertical or horizontal. Cropper Hopper makes some vertical paper holders (above) and you can also see some from Lisa & Becky (below).LisaBeckyFolder

If space is an issue, another method of organizing your scrapbook paper is to use 12″ x 12″ clear envelopes and label them each with the manufacturer’s name. You can even store small scraps in these envelopes. With this envelope idea you can store more than one manufacturer’s paper in the same tray and not worry about getting them mixed up. is one supplier of these envelopes.

If space is not an issue, then you can go one step further in organizing your scrapbook papers by subcategorizing them by theme such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc., or even by color.

For digital paper solutions, Jessica Sprague recommends PhotoManager by ACDSee. She is able to create categories for all her papers. You can read her notes on it here.

We would love to hear your paper storage methods and ideas. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] . To read other storage-related posts, please click here.

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