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Spotlight on a Designer: Teresa McFayden

teresamcfaydenheadshot1.jpgThe talented and creative, Teresa McFayden joins us for this instalment of ScrapScene’s Spotlight on a Designer feature. For past spotlights, please click here.

Teresa McFayden is the creator of the Foof-a-La line of products by Autumn Leaves. You can see the CHA Winter ’07 new releases here. She is one busy lady! Teresa also has a papercrafting / scrapbooking kit club called, Paper Bella Studio. Last year she organized Silver Bella, which was an event full of classes by celebrated instructors. Plans are already underway for this year’s event. You can see some of the “Bella Girls” at an all-day event, Sparkle Bella, this summer in Arizona. Watch for Teresa in her soon to be released book, “The Foof-a-Life.”

Here are the questions we posted to Teresa along with her answers:

{ScrapScene} Please tell us how you first discovered papercrafting and scrapbooking.

{Teresa McFayden} A friend introduced me to scrapbooking about 13 years ago. I thought it was an ingenious way of recording our life and telling our stories…and so beautiful! I started an album full of layouts right away and never ever looked back. I will never stop scrapbooking in this way and don’t know how anyone ever could!

{ScrapScene} When you first thought of creating your own product line, “Foof-a-La,” how did you go about selling the idea?teresamcfaydenfoofalifeposter.jpg

{Teresa McFayden} I got extremely lucky, and rented the last booth at a small local scrap convention. I worked diligently for a couple (of) months designing products, packaging and making samples for the booth. When the day of the show came, the products and concept was very fresh and new and very well received. Other vendors started asking me if I sold wholesale and I had no idea what I was going to do after this show, so I said, “Yes.” That’s how it all began. Crazy!!

(“The Foof-a-Life,” new book by Teresa McFayden at right)

{ScrapScene} Can you tell us a little about your upcoming book “The Foof-a-Life.”

{Teresa McFayden} An idea book for FoofaLa has been something folks have wanted for so long. It is something I have wanted for years as well. It couldn’t be done really until the product line was large enough to fill an entire book as the book features only Foof a La products. We finally got there! The book is filled with paper arts projects. Dimensional items, altered items, and photo arts. The artists and I had a ball creating the projects and it exceeded all expectations. The photography is over the top! Autumn Leaves Books are known for their well designed books, and this one is truly the prettiest one to date, in my very biased opinion! Tracy Kyle (who held my hand) is known for taking a style and adapting (it) into book form visually. She worked wonders, as always!

{ScrapScene} How did you develop your own personal style? Can you give any suggestions for other artists on developing a unique personal style?

{Teresa McFayden} Developing a personal style is something that just sort of happens after doing layout after layout diligently. You can’t really develop a sense of what you like when you just dabble here and there and only work on your layouts once in a while. IT really started to happen for me when I loved the products I was using and made layout after layout….almost daily. Funny, I still wouldn’t say I have a “style” but when I try and mimic other folks’ styles I can quickly see what doesn’t work for me personally.teresamcfaydenfeatheryournest.jpg

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create?

{Teresa McFayden} I get inspired to create when I have great products to work with, or great photos I want to document. My creativity plays tricks on me quite a bit…and is often afraid to come forth. Deadlines seem to work well though!

(Collage at left for sale in Teresa’s Trunk Show)

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite techniques at this time?

{Teresa McFayden} Favorite techniques for me these days involve shading with charcoal pencils, and I am very much enamoured with shabby, intricate trims and ribbons. I have way to many and yet not enough!

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

{Teresa McFayden} Well, trims and ribbons are a favorite for me. I also love love love new papers and products from Anna Griffin, 7 Gypsies, Daisy D’s, and Melissa Frances. Still a shabby lover who gears my work towards vintage colors. I usually avoid bright colors.

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential tools?teresamcfaydenleaveatendermomentalone.jpg

{Teresa McFayden} Essential tooks for me are a Japanese screw punch, UHU Glue Sticks, a decent paper trimmer (which I do not have right now and it drives me batty), and decorative-edged scissors. I threw them all out years ago, but turned around and bought a few pairs!

(Layout by Teresa at right, “Leave a Tender Moment Alone”)

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in the world of papercrafts? What do you predict for future trends?

{Teresa McFayden} This industry changes trends quickly. I would expect to see more fabulous ribbons and trims, more Anthropologie typed looking papers and embellishments, and more kits because women want certain looks but can’t always afford to take the time to make it happen–so they opt for kits which incude (both the) look and the products they want.

{ScrapScene} Do you have any tips for other papercrafters/scrapbookers on getting their work noticed?

{Teresa McFayden} Developing your own style is certainly critical. You gotta be “you” because mimicing others’ works won’t get you very far for very long. It also evokes a sense of confidence in your work when you have your own “style”, and that is attractive to everyone.

{ScrapScene} Are there any other Designers that inspire you?

{Teresa McFayden} Oh yes! So many! Jenni Bowlin, Rebecca Sower, Ali Edwards, Elsie Flannigan, Marilyn Healey…so many in this industry, but those quickly come to mind.

{ScrapScene} What project(s) are you working on now? Do you have any sneak peeks to share?

{Teresa McFayden} I have been very busy the past few weeks working on Paper Bella Kits, designing Workshops for Guest Teaching appearances, and preparing for a couple of magazine articles.

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