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Spotlight on a Designer: Liz Eaton

lizeatonsheadshota.jpgLiz Eaton joins us for this instalment of ScrapScene’s Spotlight on a Designer series. For more spotlight interviews, please click here.

After majoring in metal arts in college, Liz Eaton began her art career creating jewelry. She was later introduced to paper arts and scrapbooking by none other than Heidi Swapp. She was invited by Heidi to work as a product designer when she was first launching her company. Liz now spends her time teaching, as well as writing articles for various publications. She recently launched her own interactive website, The Anywhere Studio where she offers online classes and kits as well as a gallery for students to post their own projects.

Here are the questions we posed to Liz along with her answers:

{ScrapScene} Your background in fine art is certainly reflective in your scrapbooking style. How would you describe your style?

{Liz Eaton} I would describe my style as funky & out of the box. I’m not a huge fan of working in a certain size, I like to just cut the paper to whatever size I am feeling or will fit with what I am doing. I think it helps me be more creative & not so restricted.

{ScrapScene} Congratulations on the launch of your new website, “The Anywhere Studio.” Can you talk to us a little about your philosophy?lizeatonlucky.jpg

{Liz Eaton} The philosophy behind The AnyWhere Studio is to be able to sign up for a class & do it right then. I am trying to come up with classes that are technique driven, where you come away with a lot of new ideas & possibilities for your own pages & projects. My tag line is “create. connect. grow.” I really believe in those three words & (it’s) how I want people to respond to my website.

{ScrapScene} Can you give any suggestions for other artists on developing a unique personal style?

{Liz Eaton} Mainly, just be yourself. Do what makes you happy & what is fun to you. I think so many people do what they think is cool or trendy these days, when that becomes boring & not fun anymore. Just make sure that you are enjoying yourself while you create.

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create if you get a creative block?

{Liz Eaton} I love to go shopping. Anyway, to window shop. Or going to the bookstore. Or flipping through a new magazine. Or reading blogs.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite techniques at this time?

{Liz Eaton} I have been loving using beeswax. It’s very addictive, so be careful.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

lizeatonself.jpg{Liz Eaton} For a long time now my favorite products have been any kind of label or label sticker. I just love them. (I) use them everyday.

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential scrapbooking tools?

{Liz Eaton} Sandpaper & edge distresser.

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in scrapbooking? What do you predict for future trends?

{Liz Eaton} I think more & more people are breaking away from albums & doing page after page. I think more people are starting to do more projects, which I love.

{ScrapScene} Do you have any tips for other scrapbookers on getting their work noticed?

{Liz Eaton} Just don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there or being yourself. That is important.

{ScrapScene} Are there any other Designers that inspire you?

{Liz Eaton} I love Sabrina Ward Harrison.

{ScrapScene} What project(s) are you working on now? Do you have any sneak peeks to share?

{Liz Eaton} I have mostly just been coming up with new classes for my website, plus I teach at a few stores locally & sometimes at other local scrapbook stores. I spend most of my time working on stuff for my website. I want to make sure that it always stays fresh & new so people come back often to check it out & sign up for classes.

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