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Spotlight on a Designer: Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth is our featured designer for this installment of ScrapScene’s Spotlight on a Designer series. To view past spotlights, please click on the label, “Spotlight” at the end of this post.

Claudine Hellmuth is a mixed media collage artist who is well known for her fun and whimsical style. She has been published in countless magazines and is the author of two books, “Collage Discovery Workshop” and her latest, “Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected.” Claudine also has two DVDs out with a new one in the works. (See her “Sitting Ladies” in an earlier post here – instructions will be featured in the new DVD). She has her own line of scrapbooking and rubber stamp products called, “Poppets,”(TM) which are available from Lazar StudioWERX. Claudine also takes commissions for custom collages here.

Here are the questions we posed to Claudine along with her responses:

{ScrapScene} How long have you been creating collages? What got you started?

{Claudine Hellmuth} I have been creating collage exclusively since 1997 when I started working in collage after I finished my senior thesis in college. Once I got started collaging I never looked back! I love being able to use paint and paper, photos and fabric all in the same artwork.

{ScrapScene} Can you give any suggestions for other artists on developing a unique personal style?

{Claudine Hellmuth} I think the way to find your true style is to create a lot of work. Make lots and lots and lots of work and over time you’ll see certain themes and colors and ways of working that rise to the surface. Try not to look at works of other artists, try to just work from what is inside. This is really the only way to develop your own unique voice.

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create if you get a creative block?

{Claudine Hellmuth} Usually I have work that always needs to get done, if I am feeling blocked I have to just power through it. And funnily enough it is through working that I become unstuck. The longer I go without working the harder it is to get started back again. If I am traveling a lot and teaching workshops, it always takes me a little while to get going again in the studio.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite techniques at this time?

{Claudine Hellmuth} Right now I am doing a lot of layering of gesso and texture on my canvas and then painting into the gesso after it dries. I love the texture it shows!

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

{Claudine Hellmuth} I use Golden’s Gel medium as all my glue, that is my number 1 fav product. I also love the Faber Castell PITT pens to draw with too.

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential tools?

{Claudine Hellmuth} Above tools are both my favs and my essentials!

{ScrapScene} Do you have any tips for other artists on getting their work noticed?

{Claudine Hellmuth} Make sure you have a web site or at least a blog, preferably both! And update them regularly.

{ScrapScene} Are there any other artists / designers that inspire you?

{Claudine Hellmuth} So many!! Too many to mention all here. I love surfing around the internet and finding new sources of inspiration! The blog world is a great way to find out about new people!

{ScrapScene} Your workshop in Italy sounds like a trip of a lifetime! What made you select Italy as destination for this workshop?

{Claudine Hellmuth} Any chance to go to Italy is a good one! I was asked to teach there in 2005 and I did and had an amazing and incredible time! I can’t wait to go back in just 2 months. We are very excited!!

{ScrapScene} What project(s) are you working on now? Do you have any sneak peeks to share?

{Claudine Hellmuth} I have a few shows coming up. One locally in Tampa and one here in Orlando at City hall, so I am getting ready for those. I am continuing to work on custom artworks that I create for people using their photos. The Mother’s Day orders are already starting to come in!

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