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Spotlight on a Designer: Adrienne Looman

Adrienne Looman joins us for this edition of ScrapScene’s “Spotlight on a Designer” feature.
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Adrienne Looman has won various contests in the scrapooking industry including Chatterbox‘s “Make it Meaningful” album contest in both 2003 and 2006. She has also contributed to several publications by Chatterbox, Scrapbook Trends and Scrapbook Answers. There is also a yet to be announced publication due out later this year. Adrienne’s work can also be seen via her design team work for Urban Lily, Queen & Co, Scrapologie and Scrapper’s Bliss. Recently Adrienne started her own company, Color It, selling her handpainted buttons and transparencies. You can see her store here and read our previous post about her new venture here.

Here are the questions we posed to Adrienne along with her responses:

{ScrapScene} How long have you been scrapbooking? What got you started?

{Adrienne Looman} Hard to believe, but I’ve been scrapbooking for 10 years now! The insanity started when I was in high school and my aunt had her newborn so she would invite me to late night crops on weekends… been majorly hooked ever since!

{ScrapScene} Congratulations on the creation of your own product line! What inspired you to create and produce it yourself? It sounds like such a big undertaking!

{Adrienne Looman} This has been such a dream of mine for so long! For three years I have wanted to create my own product line and I thought it was just a waiting game. I guess I figured someone would spot me and propose the idea to me… but it just never really happened. Then I started to get emails from several people from all over the world asking if I am going to create a product line, or book, and many inquiries on where I “found” the buttons I used on my layouts. Just so happened that I didn’t find them… I made them using paint. Many friends would tell me that I should start selling them… so I did. Turns out there was a pretty large demand for them as each line would sell out within only hours of releasing them. I realize now that if you want something… I guess sometimes you just have to do it yourself and not rely on the big opportunities to find you. Sometimes you just have to *make* your own opportunities, and I am incredibly blessed at the success of mine :OD

{ScrapScene} Will you be looking for a design team to create layouts with your products?

{Adrienne Looman} Actually, funny you should mention this! I have already begun to play with the idea of a small DT. I will be implementing a “call” to add 2-3 design team members within the next couple of months at Pub Calls blog.

{ScrapScene} What inspires and motivates you to create if you get a creative block?

{Adrienne Looman} The answer for me on this one is not fancy and quite boring lol but time. Time away even if only for a couple hours really helps me rejuvinate my imagination and creativity.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite techniques at this time?

{Adrienne Looman} I guess I would have to say freestyle/doodling. I love that I can add a part of me into a layout.

{ScrapScene} What are your favorite products?

{Adrienne Looman} Queen and Co is my ultimate favorite for embellishments, KI/Rhonna Farrer/Urban Lily for paper, and I am a MAJOR sucker for Bazzill dotted brads!

{ScrapScene} What are your most essential scrapbooking tools?

{Adrienne Looman} Fine tip Sharpie, white paint pen, and my glue runner :OD

{ScrapScene} What do you think is the hottest trend in scrapbooking? What do you predict for future trends?

{Adrienne Looman} Right now I think bright colors, felt and foam embellishments and transparencies. In my opinion I think the near future will introduce graffitti type of designs, comic book stuff like “pow” etc, and motorcycle rough designs with a dab of cute… if that makes sense? i.e. designs similar to Von Dutch.

{ScrapScene} Do you have any tips for other scrapbookers on getting their work noticed?

{Adrienne Looman} Submitting your ideas to magazines is a great way. Once you get published in a few of the same magazines you begin to build a relationship with the editors and may be asked to participate in future books etc. Being active not only in the industry, but in the community as well.

{ScrapScene} Are there any other Designers that inspire you?

{Adrienne Looman} oh MAN — SO many!! Rhonna Farrer and her imagination, Elsie and her breakthrough designs, Celine Navarro with her amazing use of color and balance, Heidi Swapp (need I say more??), Emily Falconbridge and Kelli Crowe both for their incredible ecclectic and unique styles. I could really go on forever…

{ScrapScene} What project(s) are you working on now? Do you have any sneak peeks to share? Any other new products in the works that you can tell us about?

{Adrienne Looman} On the scrapbooking end, there’s one idea book debuting in July that I took part in and it’s got a really unique idea behind it… but I’m not allowed to squeal about it yet lol. There’s also another idea book that is sponsored by a magazine in France that I will also participate in so that’s what I’ll be working on soon. For Color It co I have some really neat things in the works including new lines of buttons, new embellishments, and some really wacky transparencies. In fact A Million Memories, Hong Kong, and Color It are coming together to introduce something very fun in the next couple of months! I’m also hiring a factory in to mass produce the buttons and they will still all be hand painted! Really excited about that!

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