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Spotlight on a Designer: Heather Preckel

The talented Heather Preckel joins us for this edition of Spotlight on a Designer. Check out her gallery here and her full resume here.

Heather Preckel is one busy lady! She has worked on many design teams, had her work published in many idea books and magazines and taught scrapbooking at many stores and conventions. Heather is a Creating Keepsakes Hall of Famer for 2006 and was an honorable mention for both 2004 and 2005. Eleven of Heather’s layouts will be featured in an upcoming Memory Makers idea book. She is currently a Design Team Member for Queen and Company, Mosh Posh, and ThermOWeb. Heather is also a Freelance Artist for Memory Makers Magazine, and the Creative Coordinator for A2Z Essentials.

Here are some questions we posed to Heather along with her answers:

How long have you been scrapbooking? What got you started?

{Heather} I started scrapbooking after being invited to a Creative Memories party by a friend and my first page was of our dog! I came home with all the tools I needed to get started and that was the beginning for me. I did it off and on for the next 2 years but it was when our little girl was born in 1999 that I really got hooked! In 2002 I found the website of 2Peas and it really changed the whole way I scrapped in a good way. I was honestly getting a little bored with what I was doing; but when I saw what others were doing I was even more hooked! A whole new world opened to me and there was no turning back!

Heather’s beautiful daughter, Kiersten, is the focus of many of her scrapbook layouts. (see right)

What inspires and motivates you to create if you get a creative block?

{Heather} I guess the question would really have to be what doesn’t inspire me! 🙂 I get inspiration from so many daily things such as tv commercials; my daughters clothes; colors in a magazine ad; billboards I drive by…just about everywhere I go I can find something that will inpsire me to scrap! When I get a creative block I usually just walk away for a little bit and let my project sit on my table. I have found for me it is better for me to walk away then to sit at my desk and get frustrated. I will usually go read a book (my second favorite hobby) and come back to my desk when I am feeling ready to jump back in. I don’t want to force a page and then be unhappy with the results.

What are your favorite techniques of the moment?

{Heather} I don’t consider myself a big technique scrapper at all; I do like to try new things but it just isn’t something I consider a strength of mine. Right now I would have to say circles are something I am enjoying trying different things with and anything I can possibly do with ribbon; one of my major weaknesses! I love to find creative ways to use patterened paper as well as that is also another one of my loves!

Layout at left was created for Heather’s 2006 CK HOF entry.

What are your favorite products?

{Heather} Favorite products……ALL of them! I would have to say that ribbon and patterned paper are my two favorite things of all time! I have really been liking chipboard letters a lot lately and rub ons of various kinds. I am also a lover of brads of all shapes and sizes! There is just so much out there to love and so hard to narrow it down sometimes…can’t leave anything feeling lonely!

What are your most essential scrapbooking tools?

{Heather} I would have to say my old gray and orange Fiskars cutter (I have tried so many other ones but this is my old and faithful!); my Creative Memories circle cutter; my ThermOWeb adhesive runner; and my pens. And then of course cardstock and patterned paper!

What do you think is the hottest trend in scrapbooking? What do you predict for future trends?

{Heather} Oh that is such a hard one! I think for right now the whole “freestyle” is very big in scrapbooking and getting back to using your own handwriting. At least I know that has been big for me lately and I see it a lot online and in the magazines. For future trends…I have NO idea really! I honestly just do what I love and have fun doing it and if a trend comes along that I like I may try to fit it into my style and somehow make it my own in a creative way.

Do you have any tips for getting published?

{Heather} Submit Submit Submit! I think that is the biggest thing you really have to do to get your pages known. I know I have heard that from a lot of editors and if they start to recognize your style and like your work you are going to catch their eye. And don’t be afraid to approach people/companies that you like to show them your work if you are interested in working with them. I think in this industry it takes being bold sometimes to get to some places. Naturally I’m not the boldest person but I have taken some steps that I know wouldn’t have come my way had I not taken the first move and been bold. And for me the most important thing is to stay true to yourself! It’s hard to not get caught up in the latest trends and try to make them work for you; but my best piece of advice would be to stay true to yourself and who you are as a scrapper. That will take you farther than trying to be something you are not in a heartbeat!

Are there any other Designers that inspire you?

{Heather} There are so many amazing scrappers out there and many that do inspire me. I think since I have had the privlege of meeting so many in person I love when their personalities match who you expect them to be as a scrapper and a person.. My best example of this is Karen Russell. Her pages are simply amazing and we had emailed a bit before I met her in person; and when I finally did meet her in person it was like meeting a old friend and it was wonderful. She is do down to earth and humble and her work inspires me in so many ways. Some of my other favorite scrappers are Jenni Bowlin; Faye Morrow Belle; Bethany Fields; Shannon Taylor; Joanna Bolick; Beth Hooper; Judith Fender; to name just a few. All of whom I have met in person and even consider many of them close personal friends.

Mini album at right was created by Heather to showcase photos of a family vacation.

What project are you working on now? Do you have any sneak peeks to share?

{Heather} I have lots of projects going on right now…seems to be how they come; all at once! I just feel so blessed to be doing something that I love and to actually be making some money at it! I just finished working on a idea book for Memory Makers that I did 11 projects that will be coming out in a few months. And getting ready to do some layouts for another book I will be contributing to for a friend. I have done some stuff for CK as well but all stuff that will be coming out in upcoming magazines. So sorry no sneak peaks to share… I wish I could though. Sometimes it’s hard to work on something you love and not be able to share it for a while…but that’s all part of it I guess!

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