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Christmas Paper Crafting Projects

Malia Karlinsky made the cute tabletop decorations below using leftover Christmas papers. "This project was mostly made with things I had around the house– perfume bottles, a bottle that formerly held vanilla extract, some denim that was from I got my jeans hemmed, and scraps from last year's Christmas paper.  Quick and cheerful!"

Nikki Workman looked all over for a paper barn star tutorial and couldn't find one so she figured it out on her own and made a tutorial to share. One photo is shown below and you can read how to do it here.

Mary Anne Walters talks about a handmade scrapbook she gave for a gift and the gift she got in return, unexpectedly!  Read about it here.

Chris Aiton shows how to make holiday trees from scrapbooking or any patterned papers.  See one photo below and more here.

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