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Scrapbook Fundraiser

Patricia Zimmerman will be doing a huge raffle drawing of Scrapbook supplies donated by various companies, in support of a good cause. Read below for full details:

"On August, 23rd we lost a very dear friend of ours named Thomas to a drunk driver.  Him and his brother were both struck and killed while crossing an intersection.  Thomas left behind a wife named Erin and 2 and half year old little girl named Cecilia.  You can visit this memorial site to learn more about their story.

My friend Erin (Thomas's widow) now lives day to day, struggling with bills, but most of all, hoping to secure a bright future for Cecilia.  A trust fund has been set up with Capital One Bank to help fund her future."

In order to contribute to this fund, Patricia has been working on a raffle of scrapbooking supplies and is currently building up the prize vault. The raffle will run from Nov 1st to Dec 1st and tickets are $1 each.  All proceeds go directly to Cecilia's fund. You can read more about this giveaway on Patricia's blog, as well as the scrap book challenge site "The Creative Type".

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