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Giveaway: Kit from Little Pink Studio

** This Giveaway is Now Over **

Remember our article a couple of days ago, "Scrapbooking with Children?"  Well, Little Pink Studio has a cute little art journal kit that would be perfect to do with a child.  This kit is called, "Mommy and Me" and here is the best part – they are giving away one of their kits to a ScrapScene reader!  Keep reading for details on how to win!

"Mommy and Me" Art Journal Kit

"This darling art journal kit is the perfect place for your child to doodle, journal, scrapbook, or collage during their summer break. Adorable cloud shaped journal features 11 pages of chipboard, lined paper, scrapbook paper, cardstock, and even fabric paper, plus the ability to add as many extra pages as they would like.
Also included in the kit is a Coccoina glue stick, paint pots, foam brush, puffy stickers, paper and other materials to create your cover, and a full page of hand drawn stickers to color and add to your journal. All with that summery, daydreaming theme!
Since this kit has so many elements needed to complete it, it is perfect for keeping in your bag to pull out when you need a quite time acitivity, traveling, or a rainy day project!"
For more details on this kit, please click here and here.
Giveaway Details:
To have your name entered in a random drawing to win one of these kits, please comment once to this post. Please tell us if you have any experiences scrapbooking or crafting with children.  What did you learn from the experience?  If you haven’t, then please tell us what would be the first project you would make with a child if you had the chance.  We will leave comments open until Saturday night at midnight EST (May 30th).  One winner will be selected via an online number generator and announced on Sunday, May 31st.


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  1. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    i’ve never scrapped with a kid yet.i would probably start with name tag, ask them to create one and decorate it. :)

  2. Jennifer B.
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughters are only 3 and 2, so a little too young to scrapbook. But, they love to “do crafts” as my oldest says and we have fun playing with paint, playdough, you name it!

  3. Jennifer Snyder
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    This would be a great summer activity!

  4. Iliana Ballester
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter is three and starting to scrapbook with me and her godmother. I enjoy watching her “planning” her LO and she loves going through my embellishments!

  5. Faith
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I love doing crafts with my kids. My 9 year old is very interested in scrapping with me. I love incorporating their fingerprints, artwork and handwritten stories into everything. This looks like an amazing kit! Fingers crossed to win!

  6. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My kid is still young but once I can convince him not to put his fingers in his mouth, I would love to do finger painting with him and SCRAP it! That would be precious!

  7. Alison
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Crafts with children are always interesting, to say the least…sometimes it goes well, other times the children are very creative and choose to branch out on their own. Can get messy!

  8. isabel
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    my son Alexandre (5 years old) love to punch … so he punch hearts, buttleflies ….

    thanks for the chance

  9. zaza dona
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I already create an album for the father day with my little boy… The father was so so happy !!!!

  10. alexandra
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    No, I only use paint and some punches with my children, but they are too young for the moment : 2 and 5 years
    thanks for the chance to win !!!

  11. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My son turns 2 this summer. Previous creative attempts have gone horribly wrong. (He thought the egg-shaped markers were BALLS and THREW them.) So this summer we are going to be a bit more intentional with it! Sadly, I don’t have much experience crafting with kids… and yet all sorts of lofty goals for doing so in the future!

  12. Janine Rachau
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink


  13. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I let my daugther create her own 12×12 pages, I often scrap with wallet sizes and I always have extras since they come in fours. I give her a gluestick and scraps and punches. I ask her questions about the photos and she dictates her memories as I write them down. She is 3.5

  14. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My 5YO loves to help me scrapbook, even though he doesn’t like to color or do art on his own. Once I set him loose with some paper punches and a glue stick, he is happily entertained for minutes on end! (I was going to say hours, but let’s be real here.)

  15. Jennifer Hamitlon
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    What an adorable kit!! My 5yr old daughter loves to scrapbook with me. I bought her a bunch of paper bag 6×6 albums and give her the photos that I don’t use. She loves patterned paper, stickers and stamps and I love that she loves to create.

  16. Lori
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My oldest daughter turns 10 next month and my middle daughter is 7. They both love to scrapbook and I love sharing my scraps and supplies with them, especially some of my older items that I’m not so crazy about. This would be a wonderful gift to share with my oldest, thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us!

  17. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    i have painted stamps and made cards with my doughter 3,5 yrs, she loves it!!

  18. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I am starting my 3 year old early. We already paint, color and craft together. The one thing I learned is that water is water, whether or not there is paint in it, someone will drink it!!! The book is super cute and I am sure my daughter would love it!

  19. Lori P
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’ve just come back from Romania where i worked with children aged 7-14. We did a different craft everday for five days, and we had almost 50 children. The children really enjoyed the crafts, possibly because we had brought materials they did not normally have access to. The most wonderful thing about working with children is the sense of accomplishment they receive when they make something themselves. I know I left feeling I had helped contribute to their sense of worth in their abilities.

  20. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    It has been so long since I did any scrapbooking or crafting with children, so I am going to answer the second question: What would be the first project you would make with a child if you had the chance. I would make a small 6 x 6 Album called I Am Somebody. In it the child can record things that he or she has done that makes them proud of themselves. It would be a confidence building tool for the child, and a great experience for me.

  21. Trace Geworsky
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I would love the chance to win this. I have a 5 year old son that loves to scrapbook with me for hours, and with running a daycare from home, I am always on the lookout for more crafts to do with them..I have started scrapbooking with my older daycare kids in the last few months.
    Have a good one,
    Trace G

  22. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My children have not shown interest in scrapbooking yet. But my 8 year old son just painted his birthday and thank you cards. He spent so much time on them. They turned out great and were fun! He’s been stamping cards since he was 4. His little sister is a bit more careless!

  23. Amy
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My 6-yo has been scrapping with me for over a year now and she loves it!! It’s so fun to watch her creativity… she thinks of things to do on her pages that would never even occur to me! We all get so busy trying to come up with new complicated techniques that we forget that sometimes simpler is better. I am so proud of her!

  24. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Woww I want it! I absolutely love scrapbooking… I don’t have kids yet but I have like 5 scrapbooks of my wedding, holidays, etc…

  25. Sue
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    What an adorable kit! A child’s creativity is so amazing…no anxiety and anything goes and it works! You can learn so much from them! My daughter would love this kit. It would be so cool to see what kids do with everything in the kit! Maybe people will post their ideas once they use it!

  26. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My step daughter loves to scrapbook! I’ve been giving her some of my scraps or ‘older’ products (you know how that stash builds up don’t you??). I’ve also purchased a few newer items for her – and when the mood strikes she pulls it all out. I would love to be able to give her a kit of her own – and the first thing we would make is a mini album full of pictures of her and her best friends (her step brother and step sister). What a fabulous idea for a kit club addition!! Good luck with it.

  27. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I don’t have kids but I think the first thing I would try to theach a kid is how to make a card… is simple and fun!

  28. Wendy A
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter (6) would go nuts over this kit, she loves to scrapbook almost as much as her mommy does. We normally work at the same table but on different projects (she uses my scraps), but we did an all about me scrapbook together last year.

  29. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My 5 year old daughter and I love to scrapbook. It is such a great time to remember memories through our pictures and to share this wonderful hobby together. She loves playing in my ribbon stash ;-)
    Love this little kit!!!

  30. Sarah F
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My little one is five-almost six. We’ve been crafting together since he was a toddler. Now that he needs less help (yay, he can cut on his own!), it would be really fun to start scrapping together. Our first project would have to be to celebrate his favorite place: the aquarium his grandpa works at.

  31. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I never have an experience beofre but I ordered some wood plane toy kit for kids for my son’s birthday next week. I plan to use scrapbooking paper and embellishments to alter or decorate it ;-) Louis will love this idea !

  32. Deb Long
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    What a great kit! My daughter is 4 and a half and has been playing with my scrapbooking scraps since she was old enough not to eat them. Now she has started making books for people!

  33. Laura James
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’d Love to win this! My Grandaughter and I would have So much Fun!!!

  34. Amy
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    This kit is a great idea! My 3 1/2 year old son loves to “help” me. We started his own scrapbook about his friends. He tells me what to write and adds LOTS of stickers.

  35. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I love scrapbooking with my daughter. She likes to enter her LOs for challenges too. Kidscanscrap is a great place for kids to go who love to scrap! My daughter would love to win this!! Thank you!!! :)

  36. Beth W
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Perfect timing! My grandsons were here this weekend and they youngest one made a card for his mother-complete with bling. Of course my son the football coach is going to kill me!
    I even let the little dude use some stickles-now he wants some for himself!

  37. Grace Tolman
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    what a great concept. I know these kits will be a hit!
    I have scrapped with my kids and we all enjoy those times. I’ve learned that I need to include kid’s artworks, handwriting and their perspectives in our books bec. that’s their memories too.

  38. Erika M
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter and her friends love to use my scrappy supplies in their school projects. My daughter and I have made cards together which was really fun.

  39. rebecca k
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I just started making little card “kits” for my daughter who is about to turn 4. I put in scraps of paper, a few old buttons and ribbons, some glue dots and then give her a big bag of crayons and kids scissors and tell her to go at it. She made a bunch of cards and is working on her own scrapbook now :) I love it and she gets a huge kick out of it because I put the “Kit” in an extra 12×12 plastic sleeve so it looks official ;)

  40. Sharon W
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I haven’t scrapbooked with my kids as they are too young, but I do crafts with my 3yr old son. He loves using my punches and using a glue stick so I think I have a junior scrapbooker in the making :)

  41. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’ve scrapbooked with my own kids, my cub scouts, and last month with a group of 4-H girls. I try to give them technical instruction, but let them run with their own design, etc. Most kids I’ve worked with, even the boys, love to scrapbook!

  42. Cynthia
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter is 7 and loves to scrapbook! She has a little desk in my scrap area (OK, it’s our guest room), and she uses every square inch of space, plus some of the floor. Her favorite products are glittery ones, and she loves stickers of all kinds. I have a hard time keeping her away from my markers too – she loves to write stories and journal. This kit is an awesome concept for our crafty kids! Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Jen Harmon
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old and we make Birthday cards and Thank you cards together, no scrapbook pages yet!

  44. StephanieAA
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’ve tried scrapbooking with my oldest who is 2 1/2. I don’t get much done, but we have lots of fun. He has great taste! He always seems to go for my most expensive embellishments!

  45. Carol
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    i havent scrapped with children but i’ve done arts and crafts with them like drawing.

  46. angela
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I am helping my grand daughter make a mini scrapbook of her newly prego mommy – with spaces for the new baby when it gets here. this has been so much fun, and over the next few months we should have a great mini album!

  47. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    One time my friends kids saw me scrapping and asked if they can help me so I just gave them a cute patterned paper and they started cutting and pasting to make a card for their mom and dad! It’s heartwarming to see them create and how they see things in its simplicity.

  48. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Oh this kit is too cute! Would love to win this for my little Nika. I set-up a kids table and chairs in my craft room just so she can craft right beside me. It is now one of her favorite things to do. She enjoys drawing, using deco scissors and glitter glue to make collages on paper plates. I just love watching her be crafty. XOXO

  49. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter is 6 and loves to craft and draw. She even has her own desk and supplies in my scrap room. She would LOVE this kit! And could probably complete the whole thing without my help.

  50. Lola
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My granddaughter has been trying to scrapbook since she started walking. Now she is 8 and knows as much about our store as we do. When she scrapbooks now she wants to do her own thing. She is planning to teach a class on paperdolls this summer

  51. jennifer L
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My three kids would love this kit. thanks for the chance

  52. horsegal
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter loves to scrapbook with me.

  53. andi
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    The kits is so cute, my daughters love to scrapbook with me. THey both have little 8×8 albums that they have made.

  54. isabella+
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I love to create with my kids but only simple things… not with cissors or cutters… but we use punches, tags, paint and inks… lot of fun

  55. Alex1
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    love to win this kit and play with my 2 boys…
    thanks for the chance

  56. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Wow… these giveaways just rock!! My girls have their own spot in my craft room. We love to “play” together.

  57. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I have had amazing experiences crafting with my kids. I started out with them at young ages even though they fought the “addiction”!!!! My son will, as he calls it, “break out his mad card making skills” when a birthday rolls around for a family member (he’s 16 and no way he is gonna let his friends know he scraps with his Mom) and then my daughter (she’s 17) finally gave in 2 years ago and let the scrappy bug bite her good and hard and now she is almost as addicted as I am!!! There is nothing more rewarding for me than sitting down with either or both of my kids and doing some type of crafting whether it be paper crafting, baking (Christmas cookies are the best) or sewing it is an amazing and wonderful experience!!!!

  58. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Hmm.. I have never scrapped with children at all… Would love to do so and experience it! =D Waiting for my girl to grow older to scrap together! =)

  59. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Sometimes I scrap with my kids, It’s funny and I thing that this journal would be a great summer activity!

  60. Debbi Clouser
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Adorable kit – thanks for the chance to win it! If you call a 13 year old a child, I’ve been scrapping with my daughter for the past 7 years. She took over the scrapbook that I was making for her (birth through high school) and has now gone on to create a college scrapbook. It’s a fun thing to have in common and we love to spread out our stuff and go to work!

  61. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’ve scrapped with my DGS’s. Well, its more craft scrap. They love creating and one even makes cards for his teacher and family. Its lots of fun to involve a child in your passion. You just need a space for both of you to work, away from your supplies. My DGS wants to use every tool he see’s and he see’s everything, (takes time to explain and show the use of each tool, leaving no creating time) so I like creating with him on a table in our room. I now show him one tool when he’s curious and let him use it.


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  62. Cindy Strickland
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My son made a scrapbook for his scout troop for 2 years in a row and it was the most fun I ever had scrapbooking. Looking at pages through his eyes and seeing how he told the story from a boys perspective. With the same pictures we adults would tell a different story completely. Usually the gory or most gross part of a campout was the focus. It is a very funny scrapbook and I have to say my favorite in the house.

  63. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Love the idea of Mommy and Me! giveaway. My 6-yr old daughter and I share a crafts room and she is in there almost as much as I. We are working on a year-end scrapbook right now for her Kindergarten teacher. She actively participates by giving input into color/design of everything. She “approves” the parts that I have to do!!! It’s a joy to scrap with her.

  64. Lara
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I have gotten my autistic daughter to scrap with me lately. She is 13. When she was 8, I gave her a little album that I told her she could do anything with and she made a very simple scrapbook about all the pets in her life(her only true friends, according to her)…she included textures, pictures and notes. She still uses it to this day. If I could do it again, I would have helped her or other autistic children a simple book like this early on to enjoy as autistic children love to have familiar items near them. It would be along the lines of a baby board book, but they could include items that the child(ren) could relate too…like their pets, friends, siblings, favorite toys, etc.

  65. StampinCathy
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Yes I’ve made cards with my nephew and nieces and it’s so much fun. It’s amazing how creative they are with what items you give them. Thanks for a chance.

  66. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I started making an album for my niece when she was little, like 5. And then she would always sit and look at it. As she got a little older, she began making her pages, and now it’s a tradition for us to add pages to her album when we see each other (we live 1200 miles apart). I visit her once a year & she visits me once a year, so we always have a ‘scrapbook girls night’ just the 2 of us.

  67. Gladys
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    What a great idea! I sure hope my 4-year-old is as excited as I am about about reversal of age :P

  68. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My 3-year old loves to scrapbook with me. She did her very first layout with papers I had given to her at 2 and I was amazed. She knew the correct embellishments and colors to use. She seems to be a natural at art so I sit on one side of my scrap table and let her do her thing on the other side. Nothing is really off limits and she even does my layouts sometimes.

  69. Eliane
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I’ve never scrapped with a kid before but I would make a easy card with animals or dolls if I have the chance.

  70. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    what a fantastic kit idea! My daughters are at the table making flowers at the moment but love opportunities to create pages and art that includes their photos, stamps & paints. When working with kids it’s important to view the creative process as just as important as the finished product.

  71. Amber
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Right now my kids are too young to be interested in what I am doing when I scrap, but I cant wait to invole them more. I saw a layout not long ago that incorporated kids drawings as embellishments-it was GREAT!

  72. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    Kids are fun to do crafts with & they make great projects.

  73. Sandra m.
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My 9 yr old daughter loves to scrapbook! She has “helped” me for several yrs and the best part is, I usually learn something from her! She will put combinations together that I would not think of and they look great. She would love this little book, thank you for the give away opportunity.

  74. Dina K
    Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    My daughter is 8 and loves to scrapbook with me! She loves making handmade gifts for everyone and making minibooks! We are going to work on a couple of albums together this summer. Scrapbooking is a special time we love to share together!

  75. Posted 6 years ago | Permalink

    I scrap with my kids all the time. My 5 yr old son loves to create using dimensional paint and stickles. My 10 yr old daughter prefers paper punching!…

  76. Kris
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    Both my boys (ages 8 & 10) have scrapbooks that they work on with me when the mood strikes them. They enjoy creating apges to remember important events in their life. I think they will enjoy looking back at these books when they are older.

  77. laure
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    This kit looks yummy. I don’t have kids (yet) but my friends do and I just love to scrap kids’ pics. I’d love, love to win this prize. Thanks for giving away goodies like that.

  78. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    Hello, I think this is absolutely adorable.
    I am not entering this competition for myself, but for a friend.
    I am currently at college studying fashion design and there is a lady there who has two daughters aged 4 and 2. She is living along way away from them while she completes her fashion course. I would love to be able to give this to her, as the oldest has recently started school and is being bullied very badly.
    I know my friend would love this activity to do with her girls as she doesn’t get to spend much time with them and feels very bad for not being there for them. – allowing them to spend some lovely mother daughter time together..


  79. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    My 15 yr old son started working on his own 5×7 album when he was 8. It consisted mostly of each year’s school pics. He was doing a fabulous job but half-way through, I think he realized it was too much work and hasn’t picked it up again! Sad thing, I haven’t either! Now I have a 2 yr old little girl who LOVES to sit in my room and play with old papers and stickers!! (I love it too!!)

  80. Peg
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I have scrapped with all 4 of my kids and they each have a totally different approach, some like it painty, inky and messy and some are the exact opposite but “don’t need any help Mum!” It’s great fun and can be very inspiring for my own pages. I do find that their interest wanes as they get older though, lucky for me the 5 & 8 yr olds still love it. Gonna do some this arvo :-)

  81. laura stewart
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    no kids here – although we always get together for craft weekends with my sisters and aunts – my nieces and cousins always craft alongside us; last time they made jewelry with big ole beads

  82. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    My kids frequently enjoy scrapbooking with me. I found some inexpensive albums for them to use and they usually inherit my old stuff that I no longer want or need. They especially love it when i purge my stash of alphabet stickers.
    It has been so helpful for me to have them have their own tools and embellishments to use. that way they aren’t taking mine and forgetting to return them. They also know what is off limits in my stash and what they are allowed to use, such as my collection of paper scraps. I’ve also been trying to teach them how to care for their tools properly, like cleaning stamps after each use and being sure to cap markers properly to prevent drying out.

  83. Sylvia
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    My cousin wants me to teach her grandchildren about crafts. I in a quandry about what to do first. I think this would be a great first project for the girls.

  84. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I love it! I had my BFF and her nieces over and while I scrapbooked, the girls were creating things of their own. The eldest of the two, probably 7 at the time, made 2 very awesome drawings of my dog Harlee and made them into bookmarks for me and for her aunt. I learned then that you just let them create what they want, when they’re given carte blanche they really will surprise you with their sense of fun, observational skills and creativity.

  85. Sharon Williams
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I’d love to scrapbook with one of my granddaughters. Which gives me a thought the next time I see the 8 year old – to make marbelized paper from shaving cream.

  86. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I always used to scrapbook with the kids in the street, they’d come and do a page, it was so much fun, now they are getting a little older, they don’t seem as interested, but I scrapbook with my 8 year old regularly, she has her own stash. Absolutely love your Mommy and Me kit, just gorgeous, what a beautiful way to start them art journalling – cheers

  87. Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    Both of my girls have done some scrapbooking. I usually never have photos ready for them, that is my biggest reason for not doing it more.

  88. Francine
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I have crafted with children. I guess one of the first things I would do in scrap booking would be have them make a “messy” book (so that anything goes and there or no real guidelines and they can color outside the lines) about something they loved. Let them pick the subject so that they feel that “passion” and make their creativity easier. If it is the child’s idea it is easier for them especially if they are young. “Sorry I had my “Psychology” cap on….winks!

  89. vitoria
    Posted 5 years, 12 months ago | Permalink

    I’m going to do the Emily Pitts project : many butterflies with OA papers !!!

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