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Making a Baby Girl Scrapbook

Whether you are making a baby girl scrapbook for your own daughter or for someone else, there are certain things that you want to be included and there is a particular way you want the album to look.

A baby girl scrapbook should look feminine.  Why shouldn't we celebrate the girl?  It's our excuse for using pink! Who says baby girl albums should be pint though?  Nobody.  You can make a baby girl album still look feminine without necessarily choosing pink as the colour.  Here are some tips that will help make a baby girl scrapbook look feminine:


If you don't want to use pink as the main colour palette for your baby girl album, there are other choices in colour that can be used that once combined with embellishments, text and photos will still come across as girly.  Think along the pastel line.  You can easily make the album and pages predominantly yellow and then use pink and greens as accent colours.  This would look so pretty!  Experiment with other colours and patterns and prints as well.


Decorating a baby girl scrapbook can be so much fun.  There are so many girly products out on the market that you can play with.  Think of flowers, bows, buttons, frills, lace, ruffles, and ribbon.  Any of these can be used in exciting ways to add a bit of femininity to a baby girl scrapbook.


Fonts that are girly can often include scrolly type designs and also fonts that are written in italics.  Don't go too overboard with the font changes though or you will make it too busy and hard to follow for the reader.  To make a baby girl scrapbook more feminine you can also use girly descriptive words as part of the page layout.  Things like girl quotes and words such as: girl, pink, princess, bows, cupcake, etc. are words that are helping to describe the baby girl in the picture.  You can enlarge the fonts for these words and use them to help play on the whole theme of your album.

When putting together a baby girl scrapbook, as mentioned above, there are particular things that you will want to include in the album.  Certain things that you will want to have a record of.  These can include the following pages: 

The Pregnancy – Include some stats and ultrasound pictures in here as well as names that the parents were thinking of calling the baby.

Baby Showers – Include photos and names of people who through the mother a baby shower. Also include details about gifts and other memorabilia from the showers.

Birth Stats – Here you will want to put in the baby's birth weight, length, hair colour, eye colour, etc.  Baby's full name should be also included and photos of course!

Introductions – Include a page in the baby girl scrapbook with photos of the first time the baby was introduced to other family members besides the parents, like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Going Home – Here you will want to put in a photo of the baby wearing her going home outfit in the car seat.  Include baby's first home address and a photo of the home.

Family Tree – Do up a simple family tree to include the baby's immediate relatives.  This can be a fun thing to make.  You can draw up a large tree for the background and cut it out of coordinating papers.  Then use a computer to print out text describing each family member. You can even put on small photos of each person that is shown on the tree.

Comparison Page – This is a fun idea that isn't necessary of course, but why not print out photos of other family members at the same age as the new baby girl and put them all side by side.  If any of the other baby's are wearing the same clothing, that would be even neater!  It's fun to look at family members and see resemblances.  You might be surprised at how much your baby girl looks like her father at that age!

There are lots of other things that you can include in a baby girl scrapbook as well, but I would recommend stopping it somewhere around here and then making a new album up for year one and another for year two, and so on.  It will be fun for the child as she grows older to look through her yearly albums!

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