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Altered Tin Cans

Here are some links for altering tin cans using your scrapbooking supplies.  Lots of inspiration for recycling a common pantry item!

Brigitte Grant, from Australia, altered a chocolate powder tin and turned it into a money tin.  You can see the details here and one photo is shown at left.

In case you missed it Karin, from Creative Chaos, did a Guest Post recently for us on altering a tin can into a pencil holder.  One photo is shown at right and you can see the whole tutorial with more photos here.

Here is a beautiful one from Lisa Kettell.  I like how she has allowed the corrugated tin show in her art piece.  One photo is shown at left also.

Pati, from Brazil, shows two tin cans she altered.  She even used the plastic lid in her project.  See one here and a second one here.

A fun idea is to create a photo book about all the different ways you can alter tin cans!

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  1. Posted 6 years, 4 months ago | Permalink

    Wonderful post, all the tin examples are beautiful!
    Thank You for including mine. I love recycling what I have around the house, It really gets your creative juices flowing!
    Magic and Joy!

  2. Posted 6 years, 4 months ago | Permalink

    Thank you Lisa, for the inspiration! I love your altered can!

  3. Posted 6 years, 4 months ago | Permalink

    Question for the tin can crafters… what kind of paint works best on the aluminum?

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