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Repurposing a Crib into Scrapbook Storage

Emeline Seet has a great idea for repurposing a crib.  She took it apart and took one end and flipped it sideways so the rungs run horizontally.  She then leaned this end up against a wall.  The dowels are perfect for hanging up her scrapbooking supplies like rub-ons and stickers.

One of Emeline’s photos is shown at right and you can see the before picture on her blog here.

KKDonald also found a new use for an old crib.  She took her mother’s old crib apart and hung one end up on the wall.  She now uses it to display special mementos.  See a photo here.

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  1. Posted 7 years, 3 months ago | Permalink

    those are cool ideas! I have two crib rails sitting in my scrap room right now! :)

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