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Handmade Valentine Card a Day – Day 26

brigittegrantvdaycard1.JPGWe now have 26 great ideas to inspire you to create your own Valentines! Take a look at the past card ideas in our Valentine Card a Day series here.

Today’s pretty flower bouquet card is by Brigitte Grant. Take a look at Brigitte’s new blog here.


- Measure/trim/fold main (red) card to a square size (15cmx15cm)
- cover front card with printed paper (here: UrbanLilly ‘Black in black collection’), leaving 5mm all around to show the main card
- draw stitches along edges with white gel pen
- trim a 6inch square printed paper (here: Rhonna Farrer ‘Haute Spots’), fold top andbrigittegrantvdaycard2.JPG bottom angles inside, then left and right angles over it to give a shape of a bouquet, add matching brads, adhere it onto center of main card, leaving it open
- punch flower shapes and small heart shapes of printed paper
- wrap a 15cm silver wire around a skewer (leaving each end of the wire undone), remove wire from skewer, make a loop to one end, adhere it inside a flower, cover with another flower with double-sided mounting tape, do few stems, attach them inside the folded bouquet paper with more double-sided mounting tape, to give dimension to the flowers
- once all the stems are in place, fold the bouquet to close it
- add a mini tag with your msg

Brigitte Grant

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