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A Christmas Card A Day

christmascardadaysneakpeek.JPGBeginning this Sunday, Nov 11th, we will start posting a handmade Christmas card idea per day for one week (maybe longer!). The posts will show the finished card along with step-by-step instructions on how it was made.

The cards featured will be of various intricacies – ranging from simple designs to the more detailed and time consuming. You can use the simple designs to create (assembly line style) a whack-load of cards to send out to your friends and family or use the detailed cards to create just a few to give out. You could also select a few designs and create a boxed set as a gift for a friend.

We hope you will follow along with us! (Sneak peek shown above!)


  1. Posted 8 years ago | Permalink

    Great idea…. can’t wait!

  2. Posted 8 years ago | Permalink

    I am in! Cool idea……………;)

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