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Melody Ross’ New Book

Melody Ross, founder and CEO of Chatterbox, is publishing a book, due out in July, “Stay with Me- The Story of a Family, The Story of a Dream.”

Melody says that the book will follow “the WHOLE story….about my husband’s accident, about what happened to my company (Chatterbox) while I was taking care of him, about what is happening to my company now….about the villains and heroes and REAL LIFE.”

This book is sure to be an inspiration to many; she survived two years of caring for her husband after a traumatic brain injury. Melody is all about survival. You name it, she has been through it all and yet she says, “Yes, I am still alive, and I am even laughing again.” You can read more of Melody’s comments surrounding her new book in this post here on her blog, Melody’s Sofa.

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