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Crafty Photos from Ireland

I’d like to share a few photos from Ireland with you. This set are of some crafty items I found in the stores. I didn’t buy them all, but some just took photos of in the shops. They aren’t really scrapbooking related, but I thought I’d share them anyway since I’m sure all you crafty ladies will appreciate them.

These little sheep are made of wool and pipe cleaners. I bought them for gifts.
They are only a few inches long and I just couldn’t resist them!

I bought this wool so I could try my hand at knitting.
Seeing all the beautiful knitting in Ireland is very inspiring!

Wool felted flowers.


Teddy bear on a pillow cover. Took this photo in the store.
There was also a cute dog one.
Framed lace backed by handmade paper.

Engravings and bas relief plaques.
They look like stamps!

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